Sunday, December 1, 2013

WIWS and An Advent Miracle and 3 Reasons I love Advent

So, while all the other cooler, better, more Catholic bloggers are blogging about all their cool advent activities and devotions and all that, I'm here all uh...Advent, yeah...4 weeks before it...light an Advent wreath...oh wait, we don't have one.  Do Jesse tree ornaments.....wait that's a lot of work and we're not crafty. Oh that's right, I was just going to print out a picture every day....well maybe I can do that. Maybe..but that's a lot of ink and paper and I'll probably forget.  Okay, maybe we can do the straw for baby Jesus in the manger thing....except straw is messy and we don't have any.  I wonder if we could use leaves?  We have lots of leaves because we don't rake our yard.  And, Greta doesn't want to let us use her Jesus doll, so we'll have to use another one...and man..this is getting to be a lot of work.   And, now Greta and John are fighting over their good deeds.  Sigh. 

And then, Simcha posted this link to a simple advent chain and I was all Ah ha...even I, the non-crafty can do THAT.     Then, I remembered that our stapler looks like this.

See that broken coil.  Yeah.

But, miracle of miracles  it STILL works.  You just have to pull that metal thingy back every time...but whatever.  It works.  So that's our Advent miracle, a working, broken stapler.  It's the little things people.  I have a tendency to be penny wise and pound foolish.  Like I have no problem buying a new computer if I need one, but things like buying a new stapler are beyond me??

Update:  Since I wrote that our stapler is broken again.  So, it was pretty short-lived miracle.  Now, we're using tape.  And not regular scotch tape either (because of course we don't have any of that).  We're using clear, packing tape...because that's how we roll. 

Anyway, Micaela is hosting a link-up about 3 Reasons I love Advent.   Which is sorta hard for me to get into, because I really don't love Advent.   Advent is supposed to be a time of preparation and waiting and almost penitential. Except for the fact that we already have 3 Christmas parties on the calendar and have already received and opened Christmas presents.  I'm sorta a scrooge and not a huge fan of the whole Christmas season.  At least not the way America does Christmas, which involves lots of spending money and making cookies.    Not that I have anything against gift or cookies...except that gifts are bad for the budget and cookies are bad for my waistline.   And I am not crafty all, so really homemade presents are difficult.  There are only so many years where you can give someone homemade fudge before it starts to get a bit redundant.  Although I did JUST (as I was writing this) have a fantastic idea for a homemade gift for kids.  I'll post more on it later, if it actually works out. 

But, I did manage to come up with 3 Reasons I love Advent.


Advent Music

Specifically Advent at Ephesus

from the Benedictines of Mary and produced by DeMontfort Music which is run by friends of ours. 

Irregardless it is a beautiful CD and you should buy it (through the link up there) and listen and meditate on it throughout this Advent season because it really is very beautiful, uplifting music.



It's nice to have something to look foreword to.  I like the anticipation of things.  I'm one of those people who actually enjoys pregnancy because I have easy pregnancies and the anticipation is fun and I've always given birth at least 10 days early so I didn't have to wait as long.  So, looking forward to the Birth of Our Savior is a great thing and not something we should rush into and start celebrating too soon.  But then, there are those Christmas parties everyone plans in December, so, what's a person to do?  We still go to Christmas parties...we just try not to celebrate at home (no Christmas music, no Christmas movies, no decorating and no baking (except for other people's parties to which we are invited). 


Not Advent specifically, but December has lots of great saint Feast Days.  St. John of the Cross (who my John is named for). St Lucy, St. Nicholas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Immaculate Conception.  So that is cool.  Not that I do much to celebrate them, but it's cool anyway.  And, I'm hoping to do St. Nicholas shoes (but of course, I fogot to buy candy or gold coins at the store). 

And, since it's Sunday, I'll just link up with FLAP to show you all what I wore today. 

So, the shirt is from Newport News, the skirt is thrifted and the boots are from Wal-Mart. 

And, yes, Elsa is being super unfashionable and wearing white after Labor Day...tsk, tsk.   At least she was good at Mass today...slept through the whole thing, so she gets an A+

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  1. Tsk, tak, Elsa! ;)

    Amelia, this post made me laugh almost as much as your quick takes did. You and I have sooooo much in common. Somehow I manage to get it together for Advent, but it's only through a Herculean effort (read: miracle) and several years of planning. Something ALWAYS falls by the wayside, though, no matter what I do.

    I am going to download that music right now. So glad you mentioned it.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. The music sounds wonderful, thanks! And gosh! You are so right about all the feast days!

  3. Amelia, this post gave me a good laugh. Your intro was hilarious. (And thanks for being real, because sometimes in this Pinterest-perfect world, one can start to feel like she's just not measuring up!)

    Thanks for the tip on the music, too.


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