Sunday, December 8, 2013

WIWS and Advent/Santa thoughts

My camera broke last week..but..never fear...I will not let that stop me from posting WIWS.  These pictures were taken with our Ipod. 

I hardly ever wear shirts/sweaters tucked in, but I got this sweater on clearance for ONE DOLLAR last winter, but unfortunately it is way too big.  I'm wracked my brain trying to find a way to make it smaller (without doing any actual, you know...sewing) and the best I was able to come up with is tucking it in to make it not look so ridiculous. 

The pants are super old and from Express and my boots (which you can't really see) are also several years old from who knows where?

And John really wanted to be in the picture.   Speaking of John, today we had the finding of the Child John in the Temple  Church.  As we were leaving Mass, John decided to somehow turn around and start walking the other way.  But his story is less dramatic than that of Jesus, because we found him in about 3 minutes instead of the 3 days Jesus was lost. 

And, Ben thought I should show off my snazzy, thrift store find leather here it is.   It's a bit faded, but super comfortable and a lot nicer and more flattering than all my others jackets (which are all more of the athletic type).   It would probably  look really good with a scarf..but I don't really care all that much for scarves or the way they feel around my neck.

So, how is every one's Advent going? Micaela sent us Jesse tree ornament and a devotion book, which has been a lot of fun and I've actually enjoyed doing that as part of our nightly prayers. 

We haven't been too good at staying away from sweets.  We have stayed away mostly ...but between a Christmas party on Tuesday and St. Nicholas day on Friday, it hasn't been too much of a sacrifice.   

This morning while I was Mass, I noticed the little girl in front of us holding a Pound Puppy?  Any other children of the 80's remember those?   I guess, all toys comes back in style too. I remember one year on Christmas asking for a Real Baby doll and a Pound Puppy.  My mom was all, why? You already have a real baby (my little brother) and a real dog.   Ahh..such are the troubles with commercialism.  They make you think you want stuff you don't really need.  One awesome thing about the Internet and Netflix and all that is that my kids basically watch zero commercials.  As a result, they really don't have the I want that toy because of the flashy commercial mentality.  Yay for Netflix!

Anyway, speaking of Santa, I thought I would post a little bit about how our family does Santa.   We're kinda 'meh' about the whole thing.  I used to be pretty "anti-Santa" and "it's lying" and all "we don't do that", but I've mellowed out on the Santa thing the last few years.  Mainly because two of the years that Ben was in law school and money was tight, we had a real Santa gift us some things.  And, that was awesome.  And while the kids know that it was real people who sent us stuff, they also know that it was real people we don't know, and that's kinda like who Santa is (and what St. Nicholas did)  and we are very thankful for those people and will pray for them. 

So, we're kinda nonchalant about the whole Santa thing.  We do give our kids a few presents on Christmas morning and fill the stockings, but we don't say that stuff is from Santa or anything.  We also don't really do wish lists.  I tried asking my kids what they wanted for Christmas while on one of our walks and the whole experience gave me high blood pressure, so that was the end of that. 

The main reason I decided not to do Santa is that my own experience with Santa as as child wasn't that great.  I mean, I never did wake up on Christmas morning and find a pony on my front lawn, so I was always a bit disenchanted with the whole thing.  Not to mention the fact that the neighbor girl who was an only child and went to private school got 5,000 presents and we got fewer, less lavish items (not that we were really poor or anything, we just didn't get lavish presents), so the idea of a magical man giving more/better presents to some kids just didn't sit right with me.   So, we basically sorta opt out of the whole Santa thing and don't make a big deal out of it either way.

Speaking of presents and poverty, stay tuned tomorrow for my rambling thoughts on poverty and wealth and public assistance and social justice and all that good stuff.

While you're waiting for that (with baited breath, no doubt) go see FLAP for more Sunday fashion. 
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  1. Great color on the sweater! And what a beautiful story about your own Santa!

  2. Thanks for sharing your take on Santa. We're just trying a low-key approach. I'm not going to encourage Santa, but don't plan to deny him unless I get asked an outright question. A few of our Christmas books are about Santa, and as long as they aren't too focused on presents, I'm ok with that. Today I read the 3 year-old "The Night Before Christmas." He thought it was very silly that it kept referring to Santa as St. Nick, because we had gone over lots of stuff about St. Nick last week, and he knows their stories are so different!


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