Sunday, December 22, 2013

WIWS and the Most Important Catholic Tradition to Teach Your Kids

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent! 

Last Saturday, at  3:45 PM we all piled into the van to drive 15 minutes north of us to attend Confession at the church without the long lines. We were walking into church at 4:05 PM and proceeded to wait and wait and wait until finally at 4:50 P.M. the priest comes out and says he will finish Confessions after 5:00  Mass.  Juuuust before it was going to be our turn.   So much for not having long lines.

Anyway, thanks to the 15-month old terror who was about at her limit, we decided not to stay and opted to try again another time.

Ben was able to go to Confession this past week week before a daily Mass that was near his work, but the older girls and I weren't able to go during the week.  So, last night, before heading to the Little Flowers Christmas Party, I looked up a church on the way, and we headed to confession before heading to the party.

And, it got me thinking about the importance of taking our kids to confession...frequently.  When I was growing up, we went to Confession quite regularly on the first Saturday of the month...every month.   My dad used to call it disk technician for your soul.   This was back in the late 80's/early 90's when we had computers that used to require several hours of some sort of maintenance thing called disk technician. You know, back when computers had those big, black floppy disks.  Anyone else remember that?   Anyway, if we couldn't go on the first Saturday for some reason, then we went on the second.   But, it was always made a priority to go without letting too many weeks pass by.   And, we've tried to do that with our own kids.  Ever since their first Confession, we take them (and go ourselves) about every 4 weeks.  We don't necessarily do the First Saturday thing, we do try to go every 4 weeks, of course, sometimes it ends up being 5 or 6 weeks....but if it's been at least four, we make it a priority to go as soon as we can.

Frequent Confession is so important and Confession can be scary if you haven't been awhile.  Going frequently helps everyone be more comfortable and the graces you get from it are so necessary.  As they say, Confession is good for the soul...and it really IS.

Next to attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, frequent Confession is probably the most important habit to instill in your children.  Of course, regular prayer is also very important, but the habit of going to Confession regularly really just is so important.  At least in this house, none of us are saints and we all have at least 1 sin we can confess on any given day (and usually more than one) hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Confession we go.

I also just wanted to mention Sunday Mass.  Another habit my parents installed in us, is to take the obligation to attend Mass seriously.   We make a point of always attending, if at all possible ......sometimes we have to go separately due to sick kids, or go to a different church because of a schedule conflict or go on Saturday night because they are forecasting a big snowstorm for Sunday but we make it a priority to attend if at all possible...even if it involves some advance planning or inconvenience or we are traveling.   And that is the GREAT thing about being Catholic.  You can attend Mass at ANY Catholic church.  I think my parents once told me that when you pray in a new church for the first time, you get special graces. So I just wanted to encourage anyone who's traveling this holiday season...use the opportunity to check out a new Catholic church.

And, since it's Sunday, here is what I wore to Mass today (at the same old church we usually attend).

The shirt is stolen from Heidi's closet.  Seriously.  I bought it for her (thrifted) but I love it and am keeping it for myself (don't worry...I gave her one of my shirts in exchange).  You can do that when your 11-year old daughter is as tall as you are.

The skirt is from Shade clothing.  The boots are from Wal-Mart and the belt is probably from high school (not joking!).

Go see FLAP for more Sunday fashion.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Great advice.

    My daughter is about to turn ten and is also pretty tall. It's crazy to think we'll be sharing clothes soon.

  2. Great post, Amelia! And you look very classy. :)

  3. I think your belt is perfect here, IMHO. Hopefully Ben agrees?? :-)

  4. Oh, my mom does that with MY clothes too, sometimes. But we aren't even CLOSE to the same size. I always find her with my clothes, cut up or altered in some way to wear. So I think it's nice you replaced it :)

  5. My mom has a different body type and smaller feet than I do, so we could never share anything. I was just reading about outfits made of all neutrals; yours looks quite polished.


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