Sunday, December 15, 2013

WIWS: Finally Wore Purple and You're Supposed to Wear Pink

 Clearly I am not one those on-the-ball, liturgically correct Sunday Mass dressers.  Happy Gaudate Sunday anyway!  Pink is the liturgical color of the of course I wore purple (which is the liturgical color of the other three Sundays in Advent).   Actually, I'm not even wearing purple, it's more like lavender.  Whatever. 

Anyway...everything is either thrifed or given to me with the exception of the boots and tights.  And, you've seen those before. 

And oh look...Elsa is wearing pink.  Elsa wears pink 95% of the time...such are the travails of being a toddler girl.  Although it's not a liturgically  correct pink...more like a pastel pink. C'est la vie.

So, I got new glasses.  Who wants to see?  Probably no one except for my mom...but oh  well.

Anyway, I got them from Zenni Optical which I love.  They are way, way, way, way cheaper than getting them from the eye doctor.  Almost anyplace online is going to be cheaper than the eye doctor. I got two pairs with a BOGO1/2 off deal for $70 and that included the fancy, scratch-resistant, finger-print resistant coating on the lenses.  Took about two weeks to arrive.  Plus, on their website you can upload a picture of yourself and try the glasses on before you buy.  Makes buying online so much easier.

So what else.  I finished my Christmas shopping.  A whole 10 days before Christmas.  This is probably a record for me.  Of course, I did a pitifully small amount of Christmas shopping this year because we have a pitifully small budget for it...but that's okay

And, that's I will just direct you to FLAP for more Sunday Fashion. 

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  1. I am still trying to figure out how I do not own any purple! You look very nice, all the same!

  2. Clearly you're just trying to represent ALL of Advent, so you and Elsa have to wear both pink and purple so that you can remind everyone of the joy as well as the penitence. Duh :P


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