Thursday, January 30, 2014

Barnyard Nun, Barnyard Fun.

It's been a few weeks since I've linking up with Cari for Theme Thursday.  Today's theme is barn.  We are covered in snow there will be no driving around looking for photogenic barns (who picks a theme like that in the middle of January, anyway?)   But, I love barns, so I couldn't resist participating.  I have degrees in animal science and reproductive physiology of cows, so I've always felt very at home in a barn. I spent many of my high school, college and graduate years in barns...taking care of horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, you name it. Horses are my favorite of course, but I love all animals   So, I decided to pull these photos out from last summer.

They are from a family reunion on a farm.
Who can resist a picture of a nun in a barn...petting a sheep?

Nice friendly cows, my favorite. 
I love barnyard smells.  Crazy I know...but I really do.  The hay, the animals...even the bad smells.  I love them. 

Here's an outside view...taken during a rainstorm.   Just ignore the port-a-potty there, that was brought onto the property for the family reunion.

Go see more barnyard photos. 

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  1. Ha! In my defense, I thought we'd be past the brunt of the storms, and could get lovely shots of barns with a manageable amount of snow on them. Best laid plans of mice and men, right?

  2. Oh my gosh a barnyard nun! That is the BEST!

  3. Great shots!
    Where did you go to school?

  4. Love the nun picture! So sweet.

  5. Those are great pictures. I love barns, too. They just are so peaceful, especially when there's a nun in them!

  6. Oh the nun picture! Reminds me of my great aunt who was a Dominican nun. She lived a full, amazing life and was in her late 90s when she passed peacefully :)

  7. I confess to liking the smells in a hay or cow barn. Swine barn? Not so much! Love the photos!

  8. Mmmmmm...I'm with you on the barn smells, except for pigs and wet chicken manure! Theresa B

  9. The sister picture is the best!

  10. I love the nun in the barn. Remind me... which order is your sister in? Because her habit and veil remind me of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal who came to speak at our Little Flowers meeting last time. But I don't think it's exactly the same...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. She is part of the Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth (which is also a Franciscan Order, so probably somewhat similar to the the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal).


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