Sunday, January 26, 2014

Come Home

There are two ways of getting home; and one of them is to stay there.
The other is to walk round the whole world till we come back to the same place. 
                                                                                       -G. K. Chesterton

I don't have a home.  Not really.  I mean I have floors and a roof over my head and walls that surround me to keep out the cold, but it's not a home.  It's just a house. I don't own these walls or this floor. We most likely won't be living here even a year from now. 

In the last 13 years, I've lived in six different states.  Six states in thirteen years is a lot.  It's a long and rambling story of why we've moved around so much, but suffice it to say, I'm tired. I'm tired of moving.  I'm tired of making new friends and leaving friends.  I just want to to settle down, to stay someplace forever.  Most of the places we have lived, we thought it would be our forever home.  But, it didn't work out that has a way of not working out the way you want it. 

I don't even have a hometown anymore. I no longer have family living in the place I grew up, so going back home isn't likely.  We're just pilgrims on a journey...making friends and leaving friends everywhere we go. 

But, we do have one forever home.  

No matter where we go or what we do, we are thankful to always be at home in the Catholic faith.  

Whether you've always been home, or whether you've walked round the whole can come home.  You can come into the faith, you can come to the sacraments, you can receive forgiveness.  Everyone needs forgiveness.  You can go to Confession.  Confession is good the soul. 

No matter how you got wherever you are, you can come home. 

And, since it is Sunday, here is what I wore today.

The sweater is from ThredUp (if you sign up, you get a $10 credit!)

The shirt and skirt are old and thrifted

Tights are Wal-Mart

Boots are Qupid

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  1. Love love love Rome Sweet Home - one of the first conversion books my husband read before he made the plunge :)

  2. Rome Sweet Home is the book I picked up twelve years ago when I was researching what Catholics "really" believe so that I could convince my brand new husband why he should leave the Church and become evangelical like me.

    I can just imagine Screwtape screeching with anguish when I slid Rome Sweet Home off the library shelf and thought, "well maybe I should start here...."

    I've been Catholic for 10 years. :)

    1. Amelia@One Catholic MamaJanuary 26, 2014 at 6:38 PM

      Ha,..that is too funny you picked up THAT book to try to convert your husband AWAY from Catholicism. Guess the Holy Spirit got you.

  3. I really love this, Amelia. I feel the same way--the town I'm in now doesn't feel like home, and I'm desperate for my parents not to move here because then I lose my childhood home. Glad to know there's other moms like me, drifting about, but knowing we always have a home in our Church. Really, really well said.

  4. Awesome! Love this post. I am so happy to be home!

  5. Lovely Amelia. This was a big factor in my reversion story. I spent a long time in Europe after college and was homesick, and the place that felt most like home was Mass. Even though it wasn't in English. And I hadn't been going at home in quite a while. There was something so familiar and comforting about being there. Once I got home, I just kept it up!

    1. I love reading conversion/reversion stories! Have you written it on your blog yet? You should!

      It is really comforting being at Mass...that is one thing I love the most about being's universal.

  6. I remember the first week I was away at college, everything was so overwhelmingly different - the food tasted different, the bed felt different, no one familiar was there - and then I went to Mass the first weekend and it was this big sigh of relief of familiarity and of, as you said, being home!

    1. I felt the same way at college! Everything was so different..but Mass was so familiar..defintely felt at home there.

  7. Great post, Amelia, and I love that GKC quote!

    1. Thank you! My kids found that quote in a book they were reading and wanted me to write about it.


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