Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Future Bloggers and Book Reviewers of America

There's snow covering the roads but school is still going on here at our house.  I'm letting the future bloggers and book reviewers of American write these book reviews.

Note: There books are "below" the reviewers respective reading levels. I grabbed the Zita book at the library because I recognized the author.  The kids didn't want to read it at first, but once they started reading it, they LOVED it.   They loved it, loved it, loved it...and since I hadn't read it, I assigned writing the book reviews to Heidi.

Greta wanted to review John's books (to be read to him, he can't read that well yet), so that is what she did.


Zita the Spacegirl 

by Ben Hatke (who is a good Catholic and has a daughter named Zita).

A Book Review by Heidi (age 11)

Zita the Space Girl  is about a girl who accidentally sends her friend through a space portal to the the Planet Sriptorus!  Zita has to save her friends.

I think the book was showing what friendship really is, and that everyone has a good imagination.  It kind of reminded me of Star Wars. 

It was very well-written.  The characters are almost real. The illustrations were colorful.  If you love space adventures, aliens and suspense, you will probably be one of those people who blast off so they can read it. 

P.S. Everyone should read it. 


A short book review by Heidi

In this book Zita has to find her way home, except there's one problem.  Her space adventures have made her a megastar!  And to make things worse, there is a robot taking her life away.  In other words....a robotic Zita.

I love it!  You have to read it.

Writer's Express

Someone gave us this book a few months ago, and Heidi took the initiative to open it up all on her own and find the page on writing book reviews and book reports.   This is a good little handy guide that young writers will find useful.  The book is divided into different sections and has different lessons, but it's not real textbooky.   The nice thing is that it includes lots of examples, which helps demonstrate the concept they are trying to teach.


Fairies! A True Story

A book review by Greta (age 9)

I like this book because it is about fairies and it sort of is history, my favorite school subject. You should read it because it is a beginner reader book.  You could help your child read it as one of their first books in level three.  It is also history, so children can do history as well as trying to read it and they could double learn.  Older children who already know how to read can learn history, even though it is about fairies that are fairy tales.  I won't give it away, but it is a good book.  Children can learn and enjoy it at the same time.

I warn you, you have to have talented children in order to read it because some words are hard, like the words "believe", "fairies", "people", "dance", "children", "place", "Africa", "Ireland", "helpful", "errands" and "brownies in England". But if your child can't read you can read it to them.  It even mentions Elsie, although fairies really aren't that real it is still a true story because it is about people who think they saw fairies and it is about fake fairy photos.  That is a word in the book, P h o t o s.  That is a hard word to read for beginners, so help your kids read that word, if they are six and under.  If you read it,  I would like you to tell me if you like it. It is a short book.If you don't like it, I don't want to know. Above is a picture of it.



A book review by Greta

This book is about a bear named Grizzwald who lives in the woods. Some men chop down trees and there are none left. Where will GrizzWald live? The story is mostly about him trying to find a new home. I warn you ,that you may not like this book very well, but for kids around six and five, four, and three, I am sure it is a treasure.  They would like it. They should read it. But if they don't know how to read it, you can read it to them. They would like it, like I said before. It has pretty pictures with a talented author and artist who drew the pictures. Above is a picture of it.

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  1. I would like Heidi to write all of my book reviews. "P.S. Everyone should read it." and "I love it! You have to read it." are how I want to end all the reviews of good books. Greta is so thoughtful, pointing out the vocabulary and decoding traps. What bright young women you have in your house! P.S. They might enjoy the movie: A Fairy Tale: A True Story.

  2. I love the book reviews and recommendations. My daughter will have to look those up on our next library trip. and thank you for the d mannose tip. I really appreciate it

  3. Very lovely! I love reading books when I was a child. I love fairy tales and I really like seeing colorful pictures. Thank you for sharing this, I would love to recommend this books to my cousins and nephews.


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