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by Matt Stone

This book is written in an extremely casual tone (warning..even contains some vulgarities) and Matt Stone is not a doctor and makes no claims as such.  That said, this book makes a ton of sense, in some ways.  It's basically a recovery book for people who have ruined their metabolisms following different health diets (paleo, vegan, low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie, eating disorders.) and rails against the commonly accepted advice to drink half your weight in water a day.  Which when you think about it is fairly ridiculous, because no other animal drinks that much water.  The gist of the book is that that you need to have the correct blood concentration for proper health (proper balance of water and salts/minerals) and that many people in the name of health are drinking too much water, consuming not enough salt and their blood is chronically too dilute which lowers their metabolism. 

Some of his advice is really crazy (he even advocates drinking SODA), but if you can get past that and see what he is really advocating (consuming fluids and foods with a proper balance of salt/sugar) it starts to make more sense, health-wise and you can implement the strategies while still following a whole foods lifestyle.

I definitely think we are a beverage-obsessed, tea, soft drinks, water bottles...many people find themselves unable to do anything without some sort of beverage in hand and all that fluid consumption may not be the best. 

Matt Stone advocates using your own feelings of health and wellness to gauge how much you should be drinking, instead of blindly chugging down water just to get a certain amount in each day.  Whether you agree with him or not, it's a quick, casual, easy-read and gives any health-obsessed person something to chew on.


No Time to Clean

I posted yesterday about cheerioes on the bathroom floor, so it seems appropriate that I'm reviewing this book today. 

I picked this book at the library on a whim and it has some good information in it.  I hate cleaning and I especially hate cleaning schedules, so this book caught my interest.

It has some really practical advice..keep cleaning supplies handy, clean as messes as they are made and ways to eliminate the need to clean and cut down on messes in the first place.  I especially like how he talks about keeping cleaning supplies handy and just cleaning whenever you notice a mess or  notice something needs doing   I like how he doesn't talk about schedules or making Saturday- bathroom cleaning day, Monday-dusting day, Tuesday-mopping day.  That doesn't work for me, instead he talks about building cleaning into your daily routine and keeping supplies handy so you can do it as you go along in daily life.  I suspect that his ideas and tips are things that people who are naturally neat and organized do anyway...but the rest of us have to be told what to do. 

For example. I think I need to buy some more small brooms and dustpans and start keeping them around the house, so we can sweep quickly when needed.  Or, I can keep magic erasers handy in every room to easily clean marks off the walls or doors whenever i notice them.



I'm reading this as part of a group to which I belong.  It's not something I would normally read, but so far, I am finding it to be inspiring and encouraging.  The language is a bit dated (I think it was originally written in the 50's), but it manages to be both practical and spiritual.  Overall, it is a great spiritual guide that helps you incorporate prayer into daily work



Switching to non-fiction now, this is a cute, fun little book and my kids love it. Even the big ones...enjoy it! And, it's fun to read out-loud, which is important to me. I hate reading boring book out-loud. 


I can't wait!!!

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  1. I've been using a Tunnelbear app to watch Season 3 of Sherlock. The second episode is SOOOOO goood! I'm kind of relieved my satellite is out and I've been missing the new season of Downton. Can't handle that kind of violence. No Time to Clean looks fab! My mom taught me a super quick bathroom clean up with four paper towels and windex. Start with mirror, then taps, and sink, then toilet, the floor around the toilet. Four paper towels and about two minutes. Super easy for just before company comes.

    1.'re watching Sherlock before it comes out? I think i need to look into the tunnelbear app....never heard of it!

  2. You can also watch Sherlock's season 3 for free on !!!!! And the first 3 episodes of Downton :)

  3. I love Hiccupotomus! My favorite are the cast bios, I laugh out loud. Interesting thought about all the liquid... I've never thought about it before.

  4. You piqued my interest about the liquids! And Holiness for Housewives is a classic for me.

  5. That cleaning book looks to be something I need to check out. I'm a really poor housekeeper (no, really, trust me) and could use some practical encouragement :)

  6. Hmmm, I might need to read that first book. I have never been on board with drinking a ton of water. And I'm a make-it-from-scratch, grow-it-yourself-er, with a two Dr. Pepper a day habit.

    I really appreciated Holiness for Housewives when I read it years ago. I need to read it again.

    Yay! Sherlock!


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