Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm smart, I'm smart...really, really, I am...with a side of big chicken.


You guys (or youse guys as they say where I come from)  I can't believe it.  Someone actually nominated ME for a Sheenazing Award

So apparently these awards are some sort of thing done by Bonnie at A Knotted Life.  

I was nominated in the Smartest Blog category.  So to whoever thinks I'm smart....thank you!!  That was very sweet of you!   I've never been nominated before and totally wasn't expecting it, so it was a super nice surprise.   If you click the link, you can go and vote for all your favorite blogs. 
I definitely don't think I'm the smartest, but I'm smart enough to take a compliment when I get one!  Thanks!
Too bad there was no category for... most likely to misuse the ellipses...I'd be a shoo-in.


Maybe people just think I'm smart because my kids play chess in chess tournaments. 

Greta is staring down her opponent...gonna whip that little whippersnapper.

Occasionally they win.  


And speaking of chess, just to show you how smart I am (so you'll all vote for me), I won the bronze medal in the 2002 Kentucky State Women's Chess Championship.

(I'll just conveniently not tell you that the bronze medal really meant 3rd place out of 3 competitors and I lost every single game.  We won't mention that.)

So, here in VA, we got a mere 2 inches of snow and Ben's school was cancelled for 2 3 days.   

Everything was closed....everything, libraries, museums, churches, schools. 

Snow removal strategy in the south consists of everyone staying home and just waiting for the snow to melt. 

Which it inevitably does.  Yet there are still a few patches of snow on the ground. Somewhere, somewhere on some total back country road there might be one tiny little icy patch..and they can't risk that, so no school. 


So, you want to know the real reason why Catholics have so many kids?

It's because, unlike people like Amy Glass, who are going to contracept  themselves into oblivion, they realize that on the evolutionary scale of things, he or she who procreates the most, wins the biggest.    

Or maybe it's just because they realize that raising the next generation is one of the most important things a person can do to benefit society.   Eventually we will take over the world.  


Speaking of having lots of kids, Kendra says that this is the (other) most wonderful time of year because it's Sheenazing Awards time. 
Personally, I say its the (other) most wonderful time of the year because it's TAX time. I'm just nerdy enough to love doing our taxes and just poor enough to be really looking forward to a nice refund, thanks to our 4 wonderful tax deductions   kids.


You know how every family has their own unique way of calling certain things something different and unique to their family. Everyone in the family just calls it that, even though it's weird. 

Well, when John was about 3 or so, he started called any chicken with chicken skin "big chicken."

And, chicken without skin is "little chicken."

So, now everyone in the house calls it that. 

Kid: "What are we having for dinner."

Me: "big chicken"


Kid: "What are we having for dinner."

Me: "little chicken."

Guess eating little chicken is better than eating Chicken Little.

So, what are some weird names your family calls ordinary things?  I know you have them, I know you do, I know you do.  Share, share. 

Now, go see Jen for more quick takes. 

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  1. I look forward to tax time too! We don't have as many tax deductions, but we usually get something back (meaning of course, the gov gives us back the amount it wasnt entitled to in the first place).

  2. Amelia, this whole thing made me laugh. Out loud. And now my kids are asking me why *I* get to be in the iPad while *they* have to do chores. :)

    1. *on the iPad. Contrary to popular belief, I do not live inside any technological device.

    2. We have so many of those funny expressions, I should do my own post. My almost grown children think that a verb to use to compare two items is "to size", as in, "let's size our muscles to see whose are bigger," and I have never corrected them. I love it too much!

    3. Wait Micaela...I thought you lived inside my computer! Don't tell me you don't!

      Rebekah...yes....please write your own post. Please, please, please!

  3. Apparently the internet ate my first attempt at a comment. I'm trying again, on the assumption that the comment won't magically reappear and leave you with a double!

    When I was a tot, my mom would spell out things she didn't want me to understand. Mom to Dad: "Honey, do you want some i-c-e c-r-e-a-m?" Eventually, I caught on, and shouted, "Me too! I want some FJK9 too!" That is still what my family calls ice cream.

    (Arriving via Jen's 7 Quick Takes)

    1. Ha! Love it! I think we need a code word for ice cream..that is so cute.

  4. My kids like smooth peanut butter and my husband likes crunchy. When he was learning to read, our oldest read the jar and asked, "Dad, why do you eat extra cranky peanut butter?" Yep, the name stuck.

    1. Ha...that made me laugh so hard! Cranky peanut butter!!

  5. I think you are smart and I love your blog. voting!

  6. We love tax time too! And, you are smart! But, yes the chess playing kids definitely help... ;)

  7. That was too funny :) Kids do come up with the strangest things-- they all ask about when they're going to take a haircut (no idea where that comes from!) and yesterday, my six-year-old referred to my chest as "up-stomachs." I guess they're all a bit pudgy and floppy. ;p


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