Friday, January 10, 2014

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly where the Good and the Ugly are One and the Same (7QTF)

The Good and The Ugly are One and the Same

This is a super ugly piece of furniture, but it is also the BEST $22 I have ever spent. I can't even explain how much easier this makes our homeschooling days.  No more books strewn across the floor.  No more spending 30 minutes trying to find the teeny, tiny religion book.   No more not being able to do math because we can't find the protractor.  

Each of those little drawers is labeled by all our math materials are in one drawer, all our spelling materials are in another drawer, all religion books are in another drawer.   Now we can find what we need, quick as can be.  I am kicking myself for not getting one of these 7 years ago when I started homeschooling.  Seriously. 

You can get nicer looking, more expensive versions of this, but this version is working really well for us.  I like how some drawers are bigger and some are smaller, so that subjects which have a lot of books (like history) can be stored in a bigger drawer and subjects with fewer books can be stored in a smaller drawer.  This is working way better than bookshelves or cabinets or all the other places we used to store our books where there was no clear separataion between subjects.

The Bad Consists of Open Letters to All the Annoying People


Dear company that shall-not-be-named:

Get it together.  When I pay a bill, I expect you to apply it to my account.  When you fail to do so, I expect you to tell me the proper place to fax the proof.  When that doesn't work, I expect you to, a second time, give me the correct number to fax the documentation.  When you still can't get it together to take the charge that I already paid off my account, I expect you to give me the right person to call. I DO NOT expect to be given the runaround, and told to call this person and that person and fax the proof here and there and everywhere, where no one does a damn thing about it


Dear passive aggressive museum docent:

Do not talk to my one-year old who is on my back in the sling and tell her repeatedly how she wants to get down and how she can't see and how she really wants to get down.  I can assure you that she is quite vocal and if she wants to get down out of the sling, she will let everyone in a 5-mile radius know. Furthermore, believe it or now, she can see just fine around me when she is on my back.  I can also assure you, that YOU do not want her to get down unless you want ALL THE THINGS in your museum to be destroyed. 


Dear child of mine:

For the last 4 years and 10 months of your life (since you learned to walk). you have never gone anywhere without shoes.  You have been going places on an almost daily basis for the last 4 years and 10 months.  You would think that after 4 years and 10 months of going places, you would know that we do not go places without shoes on.  Especially not during January when it is 30 degrees outside.


Dear other child of mine:

Someone who is as smart as you are should be able to figure out that when I say to "put on your shoes" it is implied that I mean MATCHING SHOES THAT ARE APPROPRIATE TO THE WEATHER.  One flip flop and one sandal is not appropriate footwear when there is ice on the ground. 


Dear self, (yes, I count myself as one of the annoying people)

Stop reading health books, health websites, health anything because you will drive yourself crazy reading 5,732,472 conflicting bits of information.


Dear self again,

Stop annoying your readers with complaining quick takes and direct them go see Jen for hopefully more uplifting and edifying quick takes, 

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  1. As a fellow home schooler, anything that works to organize all that stuff is a BEAUTIFUL piece of furniture! Loved the open letters, you're a very funny writer!

  2. Amelia,
    I am reading this post after posting my "letters" and hope you don't think I ripped you off!!! I guess great minds think alike?? :)

    1. I didnt' figure that. I just figured we are both great minds!

    2. I need to join the great minds club and write my own complaint letters, the first one being to myself that after having moved this many times I still don't know how to reset up a computer. Get it together!

  3. I love reading clever complaints! It may be a personality flaw, but rest assured there is an audience for this. And I think I'm going to "fast" from looking at anything on the internet with advice, especially health-related. I think my blood pressure goes up just from the stress.

    1. Ha...I think I just found my blogging niche. I'm really good at complaining!

  4. 3. Argh, yes! It drives me crazy when other people attempt to give my kids reasons to be unhappy.
    4. WHY are they ALL surprised that, yes, today we have to wear shoes?!

  5. Hilarious! I'm especially fond of the open letter to the docent. Really? Said person must not have children!

    Also--I love your "good" and "ugly" organizer. I wonder if we could find a use for something like that in a non-homeschooling, but very stuff-heavy home....

  6. HILARIOUS! I especially loved #3.

    And I say, if that organizer works WHO CARES how ugly it is. ;)

  7. I LOVE the names of your children, by the way. :)


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