Thursday, January 9, 2014

Theme Thursday: Bear Clothed Baby

So, I was tempted to title this blog post BearNaked Babies (you know, like that 90's rock band..which apparently does not have any ladies in it.  I had to wikipedia it....I actually thought that Barenaked Ladies was all ladies???  Yes, I am really out of it.  I was just as much of a nerd when it comes to pop culture back in the 90's as I am now.   Anyway, I was tempted to title it that, until I started thinking about the kind of people who might actually google such search times, and I started to quake in fear.  Yes, I am THAT no naked baby pictures.

And no play of 90's rock band titles either. 

Instead, I present to you a bear and a pajama-clad baby.

(Playing around with different effects..which do you like better? I think I like Sepia better). 

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  1. Oh! I think I like the second one better. It's very dreamy looking.
    And you're right- looking at some of the search terms that bring people to my blog, skipping "BareNakedBabies" was probably smart.
    Funny! But smart.

  2. It's funny but I like the second one too, and I was going to say dreamy before I even got to the comments and read Cari's. So I change my mind and say I love the contrast in the sepia photo.

  3. So sweet! And I even have the BNL Christmas album, it's a favorite around here.

  4. I like the second one, too!

    I have a couple BNL albums. My kids love their "Snack Time" album. (Nothing naked about it, LOL!)


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