Friday, February 14, 2014

7QTF Chocolate Lovers R Us


We love chocolate around here.  I mean, we love, love, love chocolate. 

You know you are a hard core chocoholic when you go for straight unsweetend cocoa powder right out of the jar. 


Or when you ask for a chocolate chess cake for your birthday. 

(For clarity's sake..the cake itself is a (gluten-free) yellow cake, frosted with vanilla frosting and then covered with molded chocolate squares and chocolate chess pieces)

You literally can play with your food. 

Chess and Chocolate lovers rejoyce!

Apparently this is called the Russian Peklav Defense Position....or something like that. 


Keeping with the chocolate theme, I just have to share this.

Happy St. Valentine's Day.


Of course it's old news that chocolate is good for your heart.  Everyone knows that.


And, then there is this.

Do, I dare admit that peanut butter M & M's are my favorite. 

And, what does this say about the Democrats.  Life Savers Gummies?? Airheads?? Nerds??  Push Pops? Seriously? Does any normal person actually like that candy??  If it ain't chocolate, it ain't worth the calories in my not so humble opinion.


Have I ever shared with you my recipe for healthy, homemade chocolate bars?   Just melt coconut oil with peanut butter over the stove.  Add in lots of dark cocoa powder, your sweetner of choice (honey, maple syrup, sugar, palm sugar, raw sugar cane....not too much, remember we are going for healthy here) and whatever other add-ins you like (sea salt, nuts, shredded coconut, dried fruit).   You kinda have to taste it, to get it just right.  Pour in a greased 13 x 9 inch pan, let harden in fridge and then take out and cut into bars.   Ta da....your very own, healthy, super dark chocolate bar at a fraction of the price of the more expensive dark chocolate bars.   Store in the fridge if your house is warmer than 74 degrees or so (coconut oil melts at higher temperatures.) 

Feel free to skip the peanut butter, but I really like it, so I usually add it in.  But, you certianly don't need it. 


So, what's your favorite chocolate?  Me...expensive...I like truffles. Cheap....I like peanut butter M & M's. 

That's all, so go see Jen for less fattening quick takes. 
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  1. Humorously enough, I just read this article in today's edition of the WSJ:

  2. That cake is gorgeous! Happy birthday to your girl!

  3. Did you make that cake?? I am in awe. I love dark chocolate dipped apricots and strawberries. We are going to chocolate fondue it up tonight!

    1. I did make it. It looks way more impressive than it is. It was actually easy The squares and chess pieces are are just chocolate. I bought a chess piece chocolate mold and a mold that was a bunch of squares. and melted chocolate chips, poured htem into the mold and voila. Super easy. Just stick those on top of a big squares, frosted cake.

  4. Oh my gosh, you had me rolling with laughs at the "Push pops? Nerds? Seriously??" And that's one impressive cake!

  5. Great quick takes! I love the cake. I am with you about the candy-if it isn't chocolate it isn't't worth it! My favorite candies are York peppermint patties and Hershey's special dark. Your recipe for chocolate bars sounds yummy, but how much coconut oil and peanut butter do you use? If I leave out the peanut butter should I use more coconut oil?

    1. Sad to say, I don't really measure things out, but I think I generally use about 1/2 cup coconut oil and 1/2 cup peanut butter. If you left out the peanut butter, you probably would want to use a full cup of coconut oil, or you would just make a smaller pan of chocolate. Really, I just do it to taste, I taste it and see if I like it, and if not, I add more sweetner or peanut butter or cocoa until it is how I like it,


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