Thursday, February 20, 2014


So, when you've been quarantined in the house for 4 days straight due to the flu and you can't even do school because your school-age children are lying around on the couch, you tend to do crazy things.  Like unpack boxes you've neglected to unpack for the last 6 months.  It's crazy because we'll probably be moving in another six months, but what the heck. 

So, I came upon this box of my old 4-H Favorite food show dishes. 

So, naturally, I had to set up a place setting, just to see what dishes were actually in the box. 

First I had to look up the directions from the 4-H manual. Don't you just love that old-fashioned typing.

Then, I had to explain to inquisitive children how there is a different between our normal setting of the table (haphazardly throwing dishes on it) actually setting the table.   It was quite a difficult concept for them to grasp...this idea of there being a proper way to set a set a table.  Honestly, I don't quite get it myself...but whatever. 

This is not the proper way, as we are missing a drinking glass and the forks don't match and the place mat is wrinkled. 

Clearly, my teaching is sorely lacking in this regard and my children are doomed to lives of unsocialized homeschoolers who don't know how to set a table. 

Of course, this may be the reason why we don't have a properly set table.  Hard to eat when you have to keep your table setting at least 12 inches from the edge of the table.

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  1. I love it! I remember very clearly being taught proper placement as a mom was not one for haphazard dinner tables :)

  2. Great visuals! I put the placemats away the other day because #3 likes to grab everything in reach, which means everything on the placemat. TB

  3. Haha I never understood the "proper table setting" thing, either. Lately, if we're not eating while sitting on the couch, it's a big accomplishment!

  4. Lots of laying around over here too. Head colds and sniffles. Why are there no substitute teachers for homeschools?

  5. I like using large soup bowls for everything. Soup or dinner, whatever. Plus dinner plates are so big. Unless it's a holiday dinner, we end using large soup bowls or salad plates.

  6. My mom was big on setting the table, and I guess maybe I am, too...I should probably start teaching my unsocialized homeschooler these important life lessons? :-)


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