Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday John (and a naming story)

Six years ago today, we welcomed out 3rd child and (so far) only son into the family!

Happy 6th Birthday John de la Croix Bentrup.

Yes, that is his real name.  He was named after St. John of the Cross, so we actually put the "of the cross" in his name (in French, no less).   We settled on his name very early in pregnancy.  From the very beginning, everyone was 100% convinced he was a boy. So, we never really considered girl names for him.  St. John of the Cross is Ben's favorite saint and shockingly I agreed to the name, I never imagined that I would have a child with the name John.  We wavered between John de la Croix and John de la Cruz, but ultimate decided to be tres chic and go with the French. 
None of my kid's names are anything I would have considered before becoming pregnant with them.  And, we have never "recycled" an unused name choice, our boy name choice for Heidi was Christopher Augustine and for Greta was Isaac.  Obviously John didn't end up with either of those names.  Apparently during pregnancy we forget about every other name we ever considered and start new.   

So, Happy Birthday John!  His birth and labor was by far the hardest and most grueling.   Yet, in many ways, he is my easiest child.  He is super smart, loves to do school (especially math and reading), loves to play chess and is very helpful, frequently going "above and beyond" by doing extra chores.  He tries hard to be good and is a doting big brother, very obedient and even though he is an active boy, he is never overly wild or rambunctious. 

Happy Birthday John!  We love you!

He wanted a cake with Oreo's on it.  Well, we used Gluten Free Joe Joe's.  Close enough!
And, the kids made this cake all by parental help at all. 
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