Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saints and Pirates

I'm handing off the writing of these book reviews to my two eldest daughters.  Consider it part of their school assignments. Or not...depending on how good they are. 

Anyway, this first book, I actually WON in a giveaway sponsered by none other than Clan Donaldson.   It's the only giveaway I ever won, and I was super thrilled to get that email saying I was the randomly chosen winner.  Woo hoo!  When the book arrived in our mailbox, Greta read it right away. and loved it. So, I made her write this book review and she gives a glowing reccomendation. 

The second book, Ben got for Heidi for free on Kindle.  He is a genius at finding free Kindle books.  The book no longer costs zero dinero, but according to my eldest, it's well worth the money and she loves it. 

By Emily Grace Ortega

This is a book about a girl named Bernadette. In the first chapter, it is October 1st and Halloween is coming up.  Bernadette is eager for Halloween but the day after Halloween is All Saint's Day and there will be an All Saints Day celebration. Bernadette needs to find a saint costume. She is so mad that she can't celebrate Halloween, and to make things worse, her little brother, Victor, comes and is sort of mean and annoying. Bernadette still can't find a saint costume. Then her mom gives her a book called Saints for Girls.  She looks at the book Saints for Girls with her mom and Bernadette finds the perfect saint for All Saint's Day, St. Bernadette. She ends up having what I think is the perfect costume and it is homemade, like our comstumes are.   

It is a very good book. You very much should read it becasue it is a good book and I really like it.  This is one of those rare times where Greta is writing this blog.  The book has ten chapters that are about five or six pages long.  You know how many pages that is? I don't know either, so you should read it and find out.  We have this book and we are glad to have it.  It is fun to read.  You can buy it on Amazon so you should go do that, so you can read it too. 

by James Matlack Raney

                                               Jim Morgan and the Pirates of the Black Skull

The book I am going to write about today is called, as the title shows, Jim Morgan and the Pirates of the Black Skull. I loved it, (but then I like almost every single book I read !)

This book kind of reminded me of Treasure Island, with a touch of Narnia, since they are going after a treasure, and there are talking animals. It also reminded me of A Little Princess  by the fact that it begins with a rich character that becomes poor. Jim, the main character is a lord. But, a few hours later his wealth is stolen by his wicked aunt Margarita, Count Crowne, and the count’s son, Bartholomew. And so, he becomes “poorer than a church mouse.”

Jim Morgan, and his friends, George Ratt, Peter Ratt, Paul Ratt, and Lacey (I forget her last name) must find the treasure of the ocean, a Trident, before the evil guys (Count Crowne and Bartholomew) find it. They make more friends on the way, such as Percival, a sea monster, a fairy queen, and many others. They also meet up with old friends, such as Cornelius Darkfeather, The Pirate Dread Steele’s (a friend of theirs), pet talking raven.

So, you have got to read this book, especially if you love tales on the high seas, lots of adventure, and quest of treasure. Unfortunately, this book is part of a trilogy and I don't have the first book or the third book. So, I don't really know what happenes or how the story ends. I can't wait to read the other books in the trilogy.

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  1. I have "I'm Bernadette" in my reading pile--planning to pass it to my granddaughters when I finish. Thanks for the review. :)

  2. The Bernadette book looks interesting. I, myself, can never get saint or halloween costumes prepared on time for my four kiddos. We're always in a mad scramble at the last minute.

  3. My kids are so excited for the next Bernadette book - they love her! She's like a less-annoying, less-rude but still totally engaging version of Junie B. Jones!

  4. Great reviews, girls! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll pass them along to my daughters. :)

  5. I love these reviews! I think I know a boy who would Jim Morgan and the Pirates of the Black Skull.


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