Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sex, Love and Marriage (Weekends with Chesterton and WIWS)

Since Friday is Valentine's Day and all


Too true, G.K., too true.  I think that pretty much sums up just about everything I want to teach my kids about sex. 


Mice are about the most unlovable thing I can think of.  Next to rats of course, but I couldn't put a picture of a rat here without having a panic attack every time I look at it. 

My kids all know that I have an intense hatred towards rodents....especially rodents that have the nerve to invade my house. 

So, these types of conversations are par for the course around here.

Greta:  Mom, would you still love John if he was a mouse?
Me: Huh?
John:  Yeah, would you still love me if I was a mouse?
Me:  Well, you couldn't be a mouse and still be my child. People only have people kids.
Heidi: Well, Stuart Little was mouse that had people parents. 
Me: Yes I would still love you if you were a mouse.  I'd have to have a little box to keep you in and keep you safe.  And, you would be much cheaper to feed, because mice only eat crumbs and seeds and stuff.  Oh, and we probably wouldn't be able to have William (our cat) if you were a mouse. 

Oddly enough, when I was pregnant with Elsa, I did have a nightmare that I gave birth to a mouse and we had to decide if we should keep it or give it anyway.   Thankfully, that is one nightmare that did not come true. 

And Marriage:

This quote is from David Copperfield, an essay Chesterton Wrote on Dickens, 1911. 

This is interesting.  For once, I'm not sure I totally agree with Mr. Chesterton.  Or, maybe it's David Copperfield I don't agree with.  Anyway, perpetual crisis seems a bit harsh. Occasionally, we do have a few (very few) non-crisis moments around here.  Just a few. 

Go see Sarah for more Chesterton. 

Since it is Sunday

Here is what I wore today (linking up with FLAP).

The shirt was an awesome 99 cent deal from the thrift store. For once I am wearing a shirt with a pattern on it. The vast majority of my clothes are solid colors, I'm not a huge fan of patterns, but I was inspired to branch out a bit.

The skirt is Talbots but super old

The boots are from Amazon.

And I froze outside taking those pictures without a coat.  The things I do for blogging.
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  1. The quote on love had me tearing up. It's so easy to love beautiful happy things and people, and much much harder to love the "unlovable."

    Thanks for the inspiration, Amelia.

  2. That is a great top! It was 70 degrees here today; wanna trade? (It'll be 38 on Tuesday, though.)

  3. Oh, I don't know. I think perpetual crisis is a rather accurate term for it. :) I almost posted that one myself this week! Ha!


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