Friday, February 21, 2014

Tales from the Convalescent Home

It all started innocently these things are apt to do.  On Monday night at dinner, Greta mentioned that she "had a headache" and "my back hurts" and she didn't eat much.   Granted, I was having another go at a gluten-free pizza crust (that no one liked but me) so the not eating much wasn't that unusual. 

She woke up Tuesday morning feeling hot and sick...headache, wobbly legs. I took her temperature. 102.8...UNDER THE ARM.  Everyone knows that really means her temperature is more like 103. 8.

Naturally I freak out and run to my trusty laptop and consult Dr. Google.   Over the course of he morning I managed to diagnosis her with meningitis, scarlet fever, fifth's disease, yellow fever, brucellosis and dengue fever.  Okay...even I'm sane enough to know that yellow fever and dengue fever were highly unlikely seeing as how you only get those in like Africa or something. 
By the afternoon her fever was up to 104.  ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR, UNDER THE ARM.   That's really like 105.
Cue frantic call to pediatrician, who is great and reassured me that it was probably just the flu and not meningitis or yellow fever.  She gave me a lecture on making sure she gets plenty of fluids and not to give any medicine unless absolutely necessary...better to just let the fever run its course. I love our pediatrician...she totally jives with my medicine-hating ways. Okay...I don't hate all medicine, but I do try to avoid it if possible.

Cue frantic run to store to buy "fluids" that will be acceptable to sick children. Namely....soda and Popsicle...two things I NEVER buy unless sick.  But for some reasons, sickness and soda go together in my mind.  And, I did get the healthier, all-fruit Popsicles...if that makes you feel better. 
Meanwhile, Heidi started to feel sick....headache, fever (much lower) and even some vomiting.   Cue day spent on couch doing school via Netflix (she loved watching Drive Thru History)
On Wednesday, John fell...hard.... fever, lots of lying around and throwing up.  Thursday was pretty much spent with him lying on the couch and occasionally throwing up.
Wrong seasons, right visual. 
  However, by Thursday, Heidi and Greta were doing much better and much to their delight, got to do school again.  John is a slightly better today, but still not quite in the land of the healthy.

By some miracle, Elsa has escaped this illness so far. Yes, I consider that to be a bona fide miracle, because heaven knows, she has been EXPOSED.   Mommy and daddy have also escaped and they have been tripled exposed.  Thank goodness for Vitamins D and C.

Bonus Take:  Because I know you are all wondering.  No, we did not get the flu vaccine this year.  None of us.  We never get it. No, I do not regret not getting it. No, I'm not planning on getting it next year. Fortunately, (so far, knock on wood) we are generally fairly healthy and usually weather basic illness like the flu just fine.  The worst part is just staying home for a week, which isn't really all that bad after all.   After all, it gave me the opportunity to unpack my dishes.

Now, go see Jen for healthier takes. 

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  1. Oh man, the pitfalls of a big family - when the first gets sick it's like preparing for Armageddon. Hopefully now it's all over for the winter - bring on Spring!

  2. Oof, hope you all feel better soon! The only time I ever get the flu is when I get the vaccine - I know it's not really evidence-based, but it's a big reason why we don't get the vaccine either...

    Your pediatrician sounds awesome! Ours is like that, too :) I think they get relieved when parents aren't the "throw antibiotics at anything" types, because of all the superbugs these days!

  3. Everyone in AK gets everything, whether they get flu shots or not. I can't help shaking my head every time a mother of seven tells me, "We've all been so sick! And we paid $500 for everyone to get the flu vaccine!"

    I think peep tend to forget that being sick with illnesses that are not terminal are not the worst things in the world.

    BTW, you have a ral knack for picking out great pictures to highlight your blogposts, Amelia. I hope the kids feel better soon! TB

  4. Every time I hear of another family being sick I just know our big bout with flu or whatever must be just around the corner, though I pray not. Hope all of yours get better soon, and until then, yes--soda and Pedialyte popsicles! (I always have those on standby. Something about stuff being frozen makes people here more prone to eat it!)

  5. I've never gotten the flu shot either, even when I was teaching because I was too busy teaching to go get a shot! This year my doctor specifically advised against it because of how early I was in my pregnancy (I guess?) and I've been fine but I was really nervous when Dave came down with what seemed like the flu last month. Google pregnant with the flu if you want a heart attack! Anyway, I was fine still, thank goodness! I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't think that shot is necessary either. I hope everyone feels better soon! I have such awful memories of everyone in our big family being slain by some awful bug. Ugh.

  6. #3 - Google is always the WORST Dr. I always freak myself out with Dr. Google.
    Praying you guys are totally out of the woods with no relapses.

  7. Prayers! Hoping no one else gets it :).


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