Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Big Purse Dump/ What's In Your Bag

Joining Kendra for The Big Purse Dump and Nell for What's In Your Bag.   What a perfect reason to clean out my purse, which hasn't been cleaned in at least 3 weeks  months.   The idea is that your dump out your purse, so everyone can see what you cart around all day.  Fun huh?

So, here is my purse, which is more of a diaper bag.   

Simple, basic, black.  It's not pretty or fancy, but or works well enough, and frankly I don't *carry* it much anywhere, I basically just go places and dump it (in the shopping cart, in the corner, on the pew, on a picnic bench..etc.).  So, I'm not that concerned with having a *pretty* purse.   

And, here is what is in it.

Let's take those things individually, shall we?

Ibuprofen type drug, which we rarely take, but I do carry it around for those occasional splitting headaches, where I just need something.

A broken rosary, but hey..you can still pray with it.

Wallet.  I think I've had the same one for like 10 years.

Keys...with library card.

Squished pipe cleaner craft that I think was a star at some point.  Or maybe a snowflake?

Yep, we're being totally real here folks.  Feminine hygiene products.  Which you might think odd, because I mentioned before that I use cloth.   And I do,  but those are in there because something unexpected arrived after being absent for 15 months while we were out of town at Christmas. See...told ya I haven't cleaned my purse in awhile.

For the same reasons, I still have these disposable diapers in there.  Normally, I use cloth, but these were in there from our trip, because I use sposies for travel.

A watch which needs a new battery and so currently doesn't work.  Why it is in there, I have no idea.

Two nursing covers.  You might be thinking that I am a study in contrasts because I posted awhile back about why I nurse in public without a cover.   Someone gave me those when I had Elsa, and I do find them useful with certain outfits or shirts.  Any shirt of outfit where nursing access is easier up over the top, instead of by lifting up my shirt, I use a cover, because there is really no way to nurse modestly without a cover if you are pulling your breast up over the top of your shirt.  But, these let me actually wear my one dress. Actually I have two dresses now, I just got another one for my brother's upcoming wedding.  Yay!! And, no doubt future 20-month old Elsa will still be nursing quite a bit at the wedding.

Spare outfit for Elsa.

Pair of baby leg warmers, so those precious little legs don't get cold when her pants ride up when you carry her.

Blurry picture of a St. Bernadette Medal that was blessed by Pope Francis.  It was given to us by a friend in Naples, whose husband had been to Rome.

Broken down card holder thinking containing our insurance cards...many of which are expired or no longer active, but for some odd reason they are still in there.

One baby bootie which is way too small for any member of this household.  And, it's just one anyway. You figure it out.

Somewhat crushed bottle of Holy Water.  Because you just never know when you might need it.

Cloth diaper...see...I really do use cloth.

Old pack of dried out baby wipes.

Wet bag for dirty cloth diapers that still has one dirty diaper in from who knows how long?

Another wet bag for cloth diapers.  Why I have two, I don't know?

Appointment card for the dentist, which I"m not going to keep, because I don't like this dentist.  Need to call and cancel it.

Deodorant.  And, yes, I actually do make my own at home (just mix coconut oil and baking soda) but I keep a commercial kind in my bag, just in case we need some while on the go.

Flyer for the Knights of Columbus Valentine's Day Party, which was fun, because the adults had dinner and dancing and the kids were in a separate room with bounce houses and treats and all that...all for a very affordable price.  Too bad, all the kids came down with the flu afterwards.  And then the adults got it.  And, we are still recovering.  I guess that is what happens when you throw a bunch of kids together in a small room with bounce houses and lots of sugar in the middle of February.

Random, broken zipper.

Cardboard box from previously mentioned ibuprofen.  Note that the bottle is not IN the box and this is just an empty box.

 A measly 50 cents.

Notice what is missing.  A pen! I can NEVER find a pen when I need one.  Never, ever, ever, ever, ever.  That is because apparently all the pens in this house go into the polar vortex of pens, never, ever, ever, ever to be seen again.  I've been know to write checks in marker or crayon.  No joke.   I can buy pens in spades, get pens in spades, have pens in spades and they ALL dissapear...every single last one.

My mom used to tie a pen to her purse (she actually probably still does). I always thought that was super dorky and embarssing, but now I can see the value of it.

Okay..and I just saw the Kenda has catergories to answer questions.  So, I guess I should be a good link-upper and answer them.

  • It's my favorite thing in here: The Blessed St. Bernadette Medal. 
  • Wow, I really have a lot of these:. I guess the feminine hygiene products are the only thing I really have a lot of.   Either that or the dimes...I have five of each.  But, five dimes is a pitiful amount of money. 
  • I've been looking for those: Nothing, my house and my life may be messy, but I know where everything is...most of the time. 
  • Huh. THAT shouldn't be in there: Probably the crushed pipe cleaner craft. 


  1. Ie been known to carry around dirty diapers for quite some time. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  2. Found your blog through the link up! Cute idea on a purse dump blog post! The best is the dirty diaper ... i've done it too. lol:)


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