Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Mysterious House Next Door

We live in a nice neighborhood, a safe neighborhood.  The kind of neighborhood where you have no qualms walking your dog after dark or letting the kids play outside at dusk.  The kind of neighborhood that has a community pool where membership is only $475 for the entire summer.  The kind of neighborhood that has no crime.  The kind of neighborhood where we are the biggest family (6 people), living in the smallest house (1200 square feet) on our street.  (Okay to be fair, we do have the smallest house, I can't say with 100% certainty we have the biggest family because we don't really know anyone else).   The kind of neighborhood where views like this are common. 

Everything is calm, everything is quiet, everything is peaceful.

Except for the house the next door.

The house next door is weird. 

Sure, the front looks normal enough. 

But, the back has this weird bunker looking structure coming out of it.

From what we understand it is owned by our landlords, but it's been vacant forever and no one lives there.

Except when people do.   

Except for those nights where we here voices right outside the bedroom window coming from the yard next door (totally true, cross my heart).

Or the times we see cars parked there....sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours.  They come and go.  No one seems to live there, but people still visit?

Or that white truck, that goes up and down the driveway?

And, the random guys working there, but the house never looks to be in any better shape.

And, we can't forget that night a few weeks back where eight, (EIGHT!) fire trucks arrived in front of it....lights glaring...yet no fire was to be seen.

And, what about that rusty boat in the back yard?

But, I think the weirdest thing is the arrow.   Yes, the arrow.

Since there is a FENCE in this photo, I'm linking up with Cari for Theme-Thursday: Fences
Who keeps an arrow sign in their back yard?

What is going on there?

The arrow points towards secret meetings?

Some sort of underground railroad?

Just bad owners who can't get it together to fix it up and rent it, but still hold parties and keep junk there?

It's weird I tell you, weird, weird, weird.

(And....anyone want to donate towards our summer pool membership fund?)

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  1. I would totally take that arrow for myself! Oh wait, would that be stealing? If an arrow is stolen from a backyard and no one is around to notice is it really stolen?

    And you're right, that is creeeeeepy, all of it.

  2. Have you looked in the windows yet? No, I am just kidding! It does sound creepy.

  3. Oh, I love, love, love mysteries like this. My pet theory is the mystery house is a FBI safehouse. They take witnesses who have to be under police protection there until after the trials.

    1. Oh dear.....I sure hope not. I love that kind of stuff on TV, but not in real life. LOL

  4. Oh a mystery house next door! Strange nighttime curious. How fun to imagine the stories!
    The real story would probably be boring.

  5. Oh my, what a mystery! You should write a novel about it!

  6. Creepy and fun...until it's not. LOL. You better keep us updated on the happenings since now we want to know what's going on. ;-)

  7. Ohh, next door? That is creepy. On the positive side, I love the view down the lane!

  8. Ask the landlord? Drop by some afternoon with a plate of cookies? :-)

    It's never occurred to me NOT to read your blog before going up bed, but now I will be wary... ;-). TB

  9. Yep. Totally weird! I thought that I could compete for creepiest house next door, but you win. ;)


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