Sunday, March 23, 2014

What I Wore Sunday and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hope everyone is having a better weekend than we are.  On Friday night (of course these things always happen on Friday night), our hot water stopped working, the dishwasher stopped working and the kitchen sink won't all.  So, I have to wash our dishes in cold water and then empty the water out the side door.  Fun times, I tell you.  Can't wait until Monday when hopefully the property management people will get back to us and get someone out here to fix everything! 

Not to make this post all a downer, here is what I wore today. 

The shirt is from Spiegel (formerly knwon as Newport News)

The skirt is Old Navy.

Boots are from Amazon.

I love the sleek look of all black (except the boots) but for some reason I don't usually wear it.  This outfit probably could have been improved with some sort of belt or scarf, but I didn't think of that.

Elsa is being held so she doesn't destroy my little garden.  I planted lettuce and Swiss chard.  We transplanted containers of basil, lemon balm and chamomile that we had started indoors.  And I generously gave the girls 1/2 of a container to plant a "butterfly garden" which is was part of their Botany school project. 

I had extra potting mix and extra soil, so I filled up two cardboard boxes, wedged them in between those grow boxes and planted even more lettuce.  Yes...I really like lettuce.  I had read on the Internet that you can use sturdy cardboard to grow things, although obviously they only last one season.    So...we'll see how it goes.  I'm hoping that by the end of May we have a plethora of lettuce 


And, now for your weekly Chesterton.

Good reminder to keep our eyes on the heavenly goal!

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  1. Ah, the gardening is making me just a little bit jealous! It SNOWED here this morning and it's like 20 degrees out. Sigh. I can't wait to get us all out to play!!

  2. What a great Chesterton

    Kudos for the garden. I really must learn how to grow things. I keep saying I'm going to plant a "salad garden," but I never do.

    I love all black, too. I like that your boots are a different color, to break it up.

  3. I like that, a "task garden", somehow the word task doesn't sound quite so daunting or overwhelming when coupled with the word garden. (Although my garden is quite overwhelming right now!)

  4. I'm so excited for our garden! Andrew just made a couple of new beds and we're planting a TON of tomatoes (just got the seeds started), peppers, basil (lemon basil is my favorite), zucchini, pole beans, snap peas, etc... Trying to grow so many tomatoes that we can can/freeze them all and not have to buy any for making tomato sauce and tomato soup for the winter and spring! We'll see if we succeed :)


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