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A Few Books I've Been Reading Lately


This story is.....interesting....and very gripping.  Brian and Diane are an upper-class, highly successful professional couple. When after 12 years of marriage, Diane finds herself pregnant, she struggles with feelings of ambivalence related to her own mother's dark past, while Brian is nothing less than thrilled.  After baby Grace is born, things are different for Diane...very, very different. She loves baby Grace and refuses to leave her, yet something is not quite right.  This book delves into the issue of postpartum psychosis, and tells this mother's story in a rather intriguing and interesting way.  

This book is a real page-turner. Throughout the story, the reader knows something is wrong, but it isn't until the end, that all is revealed. This is an easy read, but not a light one.  Some may find it emotionally disturbing, but I did not find it to be so.  Nonetheless, while it is not a comfortable book to read, it is certainly a good one. 


Ben is always finding me free mystery book on Kindle.  This is one of those books that as soon as I finished, I immediately asked him to keep his eye out for any more free books by Lynette Eason and to snatch them right up.  I would even consider PAYING for the next book in this series...and for me, that's big. If I'm going to pay for a fiction book, you KNOW I LOVE it.  Although...happy day!  I don't have to....I was able to borrow it for Kindle from the library! 

Anyway, this is pretty much one of the best mystery books I have ever read.   And, I've read a lot, so you know that's high praise.

It falls into the genre of Christian Mystery , but unlike a lot of other Christian fiction, it's actually really, really good. 

This is the story of a special FBI agent, a local detective, his rebellious daughter and an extremely clever killer.  There is romance, there is suspense, there is anger, there is faith and there is forgiveness....all the elements you need to make a good story, wrapped up into one clean, page-turning package. One of the point-of-view characters is the killer...which is pretty chilling at times.  If that sorta thing bothers you, you might not want to read this book late at night, if you are alone.


First off, this is a LONG picture books for a read-aloud.  We had to break it up into two days.  But, it's a really fun story and the words have a nice lilting cadence to them.  The pictures are charming and even Elsa loved to sit and look at them.  Plus, the name of the boat is the Tidely Idley, and it involves a whale swallowing a boat and a captain and a sea gull and then being forced to puke everyone up again.  So, what's not to love?


Review by Greta (age 9)

Clara Barton was like the old lady who had so many children and lived in a shoe, but Clara had too many parents. Her Mom and Dad and her brothers, Stephen and David and her sisters, Dorothy and Sally. Each taught her something new. David taught her how to ride a horse. Dorothy and Sally taught her how to clean up and do housework. Clara's dad told her war stories an how soldiers moved. When Clara was ten years old she went to an Academy and was shy and skinny and bashful there. She helped the sick people and sick animals. When Clara was older she became a teacher and surprised the big boys.

I really liked this book because it was long and interesting.

Review by Heidi (age 12)

Agatha Christie is one of those authors that everyone is bound to love.  She always shocks you in a way that you wouldn't expect.

What Dad said I could read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd,  I was excited.  I had already ready some of her Miss Marple series, so I was more than ready to test Hercule Poroit. I wanted to see if he was anything like Sherlock Holmes. 

I loved this book. There were so many people who could have been the killer (and seemed likely) that I didn't know who to suspect and who to declare innocent. 

And, as for Poroit, I found him to be a twin to Sherlock. He may not be as demanding as Sherlock Holmes, but he is (in my opinion) vain as a peacok.  He sure did show me my favorite way to use my little gray cells, by reading a Poroit book.

Just a warning, if you read this book, prepare to be shocked by the ending for at least the rest of the month...or maybe just the rest of the week. 

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  1. Heidi, I agree with you! The ending of Roger Ackroyd is very shocking!

    Amelia, thanks for the Kindle recommendation--I just downloaded Too Close to Home. Love a good mystery!

    And I like Burt Dow too, actually everything by Robert McCloskey! But sometimes he can be a bit wordy. :)

  2. Oh! I think I did a book report ok that very Clara Barton book back in the day! Or my little sister did. ONE of us! How fun!

  3. I love Robert McCloskey, but his books definitely tend toward the long side! I have to get better about not moaning and groaning every time I read the kids a picture book with paragraphs instead of sentences per page ;)


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