Sunday, April 27, 2014

Some Questions, Some Saints, Some Clothes

1. Do you hate happy clappy church music?

I actually like happy clappy church music...but not IN church/during Mass. I like it if I'm in the car or at a concert or something, but not during Mass.  We used to attend this one church in Naples, FL where the music sounded straight out of a Disney movie. I did not like that..ever.  

2. What is your priority: eating or sleeping?

Well, I make them both pretty strong priorities.   But, if it was late at night and I was hungry, I would definitely sleep instead of eat.  And, if it was during the day, I would eat instead of sleep.  I almost never take naps. 

3. What type of milk do you drink in your house?

Let's do this by family member. 

Ben: none
Me: none
Heidi: none 
Greta: whole cow's milk
John: none (unless I let him make chocolate milk by adding sugar and cocoa, which is only an occasional treat).
Elsa: breastmilk straight from the source

Don't worry though, we all eat plenty of yogurt and cheese, so none of us are calcium deficient, despite our lack of milk drinking.

I'm not a fan of milk drinking, for kids over a certain age.  I really think kids only need milk up until age 2 or 3. I'm a big fan of human milk for human kids, so once my kids wean (around age 2-3) I figure they don't need to start drinking the milk of another species.  Although as I mentioned before, we do consume plenty of dairy products, for some reason drinking milk just seems different.

Greta drinks a lot of milk because I didn't come up with my milk-philosophy until she was already addicted to cow's milk, and since she doesn't overeat and seems to balance her milk drinking with other healthy-food eating just fine, I let her drink it. And, I do buy milk for cooking, so we always have some in the house.   

4. What is a book that changed your perspective on something?

Hmmm...that's tough.  

I would have to say this book (and other books in this Covenant House Series...The Stories of America's Exploited Street Kids)

I think my parents used to get these books to sent to them for free (probably as a thank you for donating to Covenant House).

Anyway, they really changed my perspective because they definitely gave me a "There but for the Grace of God, Go I" attitude.  They made me realize that I'm not a generally, "good", law-abiding, non-drug-using, non-addict, non-child abusing, 
non-promiscuous, well-educated person due to any great moral character on my part, but mostly due to my good upbringing.  I wasn't abused nor neglected and I was raised in a good family with both a mother and a father that loved us, taught us right from wrong and valued education. 

If I didn't have that, I have no idea where I would be right now. I feel mostly sadness and sorrow for people who do horrible things, not condemnation.  I hate it when people share horrible news stories about child abuse and commenters come out with posting all the horrible things they want to do to the perpetrator. Vengeance never helped anyone. 

5. Who is your favorite saint?

Well, I have a new favorite Saint!  Hooray!

Pope John Paul II was the Pope of my Youth and early adult years. I don't have any great stories about meeting him.  I'm never seen him in person.  The closest I've come to him, was when me and 313 million other people were in the same country as he during his visits to the United States. 

Nonetheless, I loved him.  I believe he was greatly responsible for bringing large numbers of Catholics (of my generation) back to the Catholic church.  I loved his teachings, his writings (what little, I've read), his moral strength and his love. 

Saint John Paul II gives us hope.  His motto was "Be Not Afraid".  Something I need to hear about a million times a day.

My next favorite saint is St. Rita  Who I first read about in this book.

Great book, by the way, perfect for teenagers. Anyway, I loved all the stories in this book, but St. Rita's especially stuck with me. 

Her story is pretty amazing!  I mean, she actually prayed for the death of her sons, so they would die in a state of grace, rather than recover from illness and fall into sin again. It is a great reminder that this life is fleeting, that the goal is heaven. Better to die young in a state of grace, than old in a state of sin. 

6. Introvert or extrovert?

Is it weird that I don't know? I think I'm a pretty even mixture of both.  I need quiet periods alone AND time around other people with adult conversation each day.  I love hanging out with people, I love having a full house, I love parties.  My happiest summer was the summer I was a camp counselor for Christian Appalachian project in Eastern Kentucky.  I loved living in the dorms at college, being surrounded by others. I don't mind having a lot of people around.  In fact, I prefer it. But,on the other hand, I don't like big crowds and I don't like being around people I don't know.  I love going to the beach or parks or stores when they are deserted. And I do crave quiet time each day, but not as much as I crave adult time.  And, I never really feel crowded by my children or touched out or any of those things. I don't mind being around them all the time, but the times that are quiet, I do certainly enjoy. If I had choose though, I would take being surrounded by others over being alone, just about any day. 

And, since it's Sunday, here is what I wore today.

Not my favorite outfit, but it is what I wore I think that shirt would look better with a tighter, more fitted skirt. 

And this child, gets an F---- for Mass behavior.

She was actually not too bad, until partway through when I had to take her out to the back. She was standing right next to me, when I suddenly looked down and saw her diaper and diaper cover on the ground.  Yep, she partially de-nuded herself, right in the middle of Mass.  Thankfully she was wearing a dress that mostly covered everything, until she lifted it up that is. So, yes, we quickly walked to the bathroom to get her all outfitted again.

Then, on the way home, she was howling in the car..literally a wolf.  She gives a remarkably good wolf-like impersonation. She was baptized..I no idea why she's acting like a pagan...what with stripping in the church and howling and all.  At least it makes a funny story!

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  1. St. Rita is my favorite saint. I first read her story in jr. high school, and it stuck with me.

    Our answers for #1 are very similar.

    I think you look nice in your outfit. :)

  2. #3 So what do the kids drink?

    Milk ends up to be option for the kids, because there is only so much water they are willing to drink. Fruits over juice is a better option. And I assume you limit soda to special occasions.

    1. They just drink water. We all just drink water, even Greta who drinks milk, drinks plenty of water as well. Soda and juice are both limited to special occasions. Elsa (toddler) drinks water as well. My kids start drinking water very early...starting as babies when they want sips from our cups or water bottles, so they just get used to only drinking water and learn to "like" it.

  3. I'm glad I'm not alone in not really drinking milk...I'm like John and like chocolate milk :)

    I'm also glad I'm not alone in not taking naps...most people think that is weird.

  4. I always make eating a priority over sleeping!

    And I think your outfit looks great! Love the pop of color!

  5. Loved reading about St. Rita--I'll have to remember to pray to her.

  6. Lol...I have a feisty little girl too and she has definitely caused a scene before in Mass!


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