Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday....I'm trying to be more Catholic-y


Greta's to-do list.

Cause ya know, she wouldn't want to forget to play dollhouse...or chess.  


Just thought I would share some of my recent pictures from our first beach trip of the summer.  

P.S If you are wondering where Heidi is in this pictures...she wasn't there. I took the younger kids to the beach while she was at her Edge group. 

Since we're moving to IN, this summer, I was lamenting on Facebook that this might be my last year living near the ocean.  I've spent 27 of my 36 years living within 25 minutes of the ocean.  Everyone was quick to jump in assure me that IN borders Lake Michigan and that Lake Michigan is juuuuust like the have even get jellyfish.  We shall see.  Nonetheless, we aren't planning to move to the Lake Michigan side, but the other side..about 100 miles away from that Great Lake.  So, probably no more 20 minute car rides to the ocean.  Oh well.  I think we'll enjoy the lower cost of living more than we'll miss proximity to the ocean. 


But, Ben still needs a job.  Praying..praying..praying (and searching-him) and (panicking-me). 


Okay...I"m sure everyone else already knows about about this..but I just discovered it, so humor me.  Sometimes when I am praying I like to pull up this Perpetual Adoration Webcam from St. Martin de Tours Church in Louisville, KY.  Other churches have them as well, but I like that one, because Heidi was baptized at that church.  Anyway, I think it's pretty cool to be able to "go to Adoration online"  Granted, it's not as good at the real deal, but going to real Adoration is not very possible for me, so I figure this is better than nothing and it helps me focus my prayer just a bit more. 


This is my favorite song to listen to during those times.


I also really like this song.

Is it dating myself too much to admit that I really liked Rich Mullins?  (Obviously not, because I told you how old I am in a previous take). 

Since this blog is called One Catholic Mama  I've been trying to put more "Catholic-y" things on it.

Did you know that according to Wikipedia, Rich Mullins was heavily influenced by St. Francis of Assisi.  and that he frequently attended daily Mass, although he never converted to Catholicism.   Perhaps he would have if his life wasn't cut tragically short in a fiery car crash.

 And, if Wikipedia says it, it must be true. 

And..thanks to Catherine, who is letting me borrow, Something Other Than God on Kindle, I get to read Jen's (the host of our 7 Quick Takes) new famous book!  Yay!  #SOTG

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  1. I love Hold me Jesus, too. I had heard that Rich Mullins was planning on entering the Church that Easter but he died in the car wreck. I still remember that night. I was in high school and we all cried at the youth group meeting that night.

    1. Wow...I hadn't heard that. I remember when he died too, I was in college.

  2. My husband has been unemployed for over a year, so I know how that goes. I'll kill two birds with one stone and pray for both of our husbands at the same time.

    Also, Indiana's not so bad -- there's plenty of things that you can learn to love there.

    1. A year...oh man! We will pray he finds something soon.

      I'm sure we'll love IN. We actually do like the midwest a lot.

  3. Love Rich Mullin's music too; his album "Liturgy, Legacy & the Ragmuffin Band' is supposedly about his appreciation for liturgy and journey towards Catholicism.

    1. Cool! I'll have to listen to that album again!

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  5. I fell in love with my husband while listening to him play Rich Mullins' We are Not as Strong as We Think We Are on the piano. And I processed in at my wedding to Rich Mullin's If I Stand. My husband who is Protestant (I am Catholic) calls him the patron saint of ecumenism. In our litany of the saints, we say "Rich Mullins, pray for us." Glad to find another fan.


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