Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes about Migraines, Varicose Veins, Homeschooling and Williamsburg (Fun, huh!)


This has been a rather busy week...which explains the lack of blog posts.  Not that anyone noticed, I'm sure...but in case you were wondering why I haven't posted since Sunday, it's because we've been really busy. 

On Monday, we took a field trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  It was hot.  Fun, but hot. Did I mention that it was really hot?   That is why we left Florida.  I don't handle heat well.  Plus, I get migraines from too much sun...which is not fun.  It's not even so much the headache so much, but I tend to get really nauseous and even throw up.  It also gave me all sorta of sympathy for people who deal with weeks or months of morning sickness (don't hate me, but I never had it)...I can barely deal with feeling like that for a few hours....never mind weeks on end. 


Pictures, case you wanted to see any pictures of our field trip. I didn't take that was too hot. 

Verdict about Colonial Williamsburg.  Don't go with kids that are too old for a stroller but too young to walk a lot and be interested in history.  They will just be bored and complain a lot. Heidi and Greta liked it...but they are old enough to understand and be interested in the history aspect.   John hated it.  Elsa didn't really care, but she got to ride around in the stroller. 


In my crowning moment of sewing glory, I managed to turn a pair of pants I didn't like, into a pair of shorts I did like.  It took a lot of cutting and cutting and cutting..but I'm fairly pleased with the final result. maybe one leg is just a bit shorter than the other. No one will notice, right? Right? Right?  Clearly, sewing is not my forte. 


On the recommendation of Rosie's blog   (lest her blog post title start any rumors..unlike Rosie..I'm not pregnant) I remembered I had Magnesium oil stuck in the cabinet and decided to start using it again.   I sprayed it on my legs in one particular spot where I had bad varicose veins and lo and behold....after just a few days, the varicose veins are considerable smaller.  Magnesium Oil for the win!


So, I actually wrote another blog post  this week that I never published.  It had to do with that whole homeschool prom modesty fiasco.  I decided my post wasn't very helpful or charitable and was making some negative assumptions about someone I don't even it's staying in the drafts file for now.  Anyone else ever do that?


So, anyone know of any good mystery/detective series we can watch on Netflix.  We finished Psych and are looking for something new. 


I have a homeschooler confession to make.  Last week I made my kids do school on a Saturday!  Saturday!!  We're trying to make up for lost days and since we'll be moving (again!..3rd long distance move within the span of about 13 months) we'll be taking even more time off.   No school this Saturday as it's a chess tournament day...but who knows about next Saturday??  Crazy...I know.  Any other homeshoolers crazy enough to do that? We do school all summer, but we just get so busy, that sometimes not a lot gets done.

And..that's it.  Go see Jen for more Quick Takes

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  1. I remember being SERIOUSLY bored by Colonial Williamsburg when we went when I was about 7... But part of that was because my parents were too cheap to get us the passes to see anything *interesting* so we just had to walk around and pretty much do nothing...

    The children's section at the library there is really great (or at least was when we lived there) - might be worth taking the littler kids as a break next time you're there? If there is a next time...

  2. So does the magnesium oil only work on the veins when you are pregnant or did you do this after you had your babies? Inquiring minds with lots of ugly veins want to know!

  3. About #5, I have totally done that. Sometimes it feels good to get it out. It is not always necessary to publish it.

  4. Thank you for the insight regarding Williamsburg, perhaps we'll wait a while longer for that adventure!
    And you're not alone on the Saturday catch up day...we took a lot of time off with the move as well :)

  5. I remember going to Williamsburg when I was five and LOVING it! My Mom even has a video of my brother and I in the little church pretending to preach in the pulpit. Good luck with the move!

  6. I definitely miss you when you don't post!

    I've been to Colonial Williamsburg! I was eleven or twelve, and I found it very interesting. Especially the [chopping blocks?] where they beheaded criminals. Is that an accurate memory?

    Magenesium oil. Gotta try it. I've heard other good stuff about magnesium.

    Have you watched Foyle's War? I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix. It's a WWII era mystery series that takes place in GB. Aside from the standard dead body at the beginning of each show (I always had to avert my eyes) they're really clean. We fell in love with all the characters--especially Michael Kitchen. Great shows.

    Good luck with the pending move. I hate moving! Good for you for trying to squeeze more school in. We school through the summers, as well, but will be taking a month off for a trip to Utah. And we're SO far behind this year. (I blame Lisette!)


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