Monday, May 5, 2014

All the Blog Posts I Didn't Write.

You guys.  You ever have a day or a week or a month where you just constantly feel snarky and on edge and like everyone else is wrong, wrong wrong and you must set them right, right, right?

Please tell me it's not just me. 


Anyway, I kept thinking of all the blog posts I wanted to write...but none of them were all that charitable or helpful or good. 

So, I abstained. 

It's a good thing I didn't have a blog 8 years ago.  I've gotten a lot better at avoiding online conflict.  I still have a few slip-ups, but I've improved quite a bit.  Many years ago, a wise friend once said something along the lines of we're more likely to get into online debates/conflicts when we have another stressor in our life.  We tend to use the online conflict as a way to deflect our other stress. 

So true.  So, very, very true.   And, we'd had a lot of stress recently. Nothing major...just your everyday, typical my husband won't have a job after school ends in June, and we're planning ANOTHER out-of-state move this summer so we can be near family, and he's taking ANOTHER bar exam this summer, so he can work in that state, and oh Lord, please, please, please let him find a job in the city/state we want to move stress.  Nothing major right.  I mean, at least we're all healthy, right?

Which is what one of my blog posts that I'm not writing was going to be  As though I actually know anything about health.  As though our general good health and lack of any chronic disease/conditions is attributable to anything more than good luck and good genes. And, as though my ramblings thoughts on health is actually going to change any one's mind. 

Oh...and let's not mention the other blog post I was going to write.  The everyone should parent exactly like I do, because my way is right and everything else is wrong.  Ha...that would have been a funny one, I'm sure.   Good thing I didn't write that one!  And, I don't actually think that my way is the only right way, I was just in a snarky, grouchy mood.  I still am.  These periods of transition are so hard.   

I'm still feeling guilt over a comment I left on someone else's blog last week.  It wasn't a mean comment or anything, but it was offering advice, when they probably just wanted support.  Sigh. 

I'm trying to think of more edifying things to write about now. 




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  1. Why aren't people RSVPing to my kid's birthday party.... That is the one I would write. But it took me an hour to get over it. We will have fun no matter what.

  2. I find parties so stressful for that very reason. RSVP's or lack of RSVP's and then I worry that no one is gonna show up Happy birthday to your kid!

  3. Amelia, I will add you and your family to my prayer list during this time of transition in your life. I always appreciate your comments at my blog! Although, I must apologize for not always responding to them. I mean to respond, but then I get distracted, and then I forget. Anyway, all that to say I will keep you in my prayers! :)

  4. It's such a stressful time I can totally relate. I think in my head I imagined that I would feel better when Paul graduated (three more days!) but I think I'm actually feeling more and more stressed because the bar is just terrifying! It's like I want to fast forward to December and just watch the next oh.. I don't know... seven or so months on tape!

    Hang in there! That's my motto these days! Must hang in there!

    1. It is super stressful. And, this is the SECOND time he's taking the bar (he passed the first time, but we want to move to a new state).


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