Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All Quiet on The Blog Front - With Some Wedding Photos

This blog has been awful quiet lately.   It's been almost an entire week since a new blog has crossed the threshold here. 

Lots of times when a mommy blog goes quiet, it's because the mom is pregnant and dealing with exhaustion and morning sickness and all that.  Unfortunately, that is not the case here.  No..this blog is simply quiet because this blogger has nothing interesting to say.  Nothing that wouldn't sound like total and complete whining and wailing and gnashing of teeth.   There's been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth going on around these here parts lately. 

No joke..my last unpublished blog post was titled something like Everything Is The Worst Thing Ever. 

Thankfully you all were spared from that and it will remain unpublished.

Nothing too serious...we've just been dealing with things like the whooping cough (that's a story for another post), and illness right before we are supposed to leave for a wedding and stomach ulcers and financial strain and moving (less than 3 weeks) and job searching.  Nothing big..right?

The one bright spot in our haggard, stress-filled lived is that my little brother was married on Saturday.  It was a beautiful wedding and super fun reception.

And, I got to meet Christine and her beautiful children....always fun to meet a fellow blogger!!  Her blog is always so well-written and insightful and I love reading it.

The bad thing was that he got married in Pittsburgh, which I think just may be the worst driving city ever.

Super narrow streets, and HUGE hills.  The GPS kept telling me to go down hills that were practically a straight vertical drop.  I'm assuming when it snows, everyone just stays inside, because there is no way I would navigate some of those hills in the snow.

Good think we are moving to flat, flat, flat, Indiana right?

And, I'm breaking my rule about not posting pictures of people outside my immediate family to show a picture of a the lovely bride and groom.  Hopefully they won't mind.

Okay, okay, I can't resist showing this one as well.   The only person missing is my sister in the convent, because they don't let you out for things like weddings

And a couple of family photos.

John was not a fan of the suspenders and bow tie and "flower".

This girl gets about a D for Mass/Wedding behavior and fell asleep right at the end.

I love this picture.

Someone always has their eyes closed in every picture.

And here everyone looks a bit squinty eyed and slouchy...I think they were just a tad tired of posting for pictures at that point.

And my favorite photo of all.  They should really make these signs higher up so certain people don't fiddle with them.


  1. Haha that last picture really is "greta" :) Congratulations to your brother and his new wife!

  2. Amelia, your heels are fantastic! I love them. And your girl's dresses are very pretty. Congratulations to the new couple.
    I hope things improve for you soon. I will keep you in my prayers.

    1. Thank you! I love the heels,, but they ended up being pretty uncomfortable by the end of the day. I was pretty much barefoot by the reception.! Maybe once the blisters heal, I'll try wearing them again (for a much shorter time!). LOL

  3. wowzzer, you all look great!! love the pics. d

  4. Thanks for the mention - it was great to finally meet you (and your husband, who I have heard good things about for years as well).

    In defense of my hometown, I happen to love all the hills. They impart character! When I go to other cities that are flat and built on grids, they seem so boring and uniform. I get lost and disoriented when everything is in straight lines :-)


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