Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Book Review: Improving Your Body Image Through Catholic Teaching. How Theology of the Body and Other Church Writings Can Transform Your Life

So, I was pretty much thrilled beyond belief when Dr. Acquaviva emailed me a few weeks back and offered to send me a PDF of his new book in exchange for a blog mention.  Me? Little ole' blogger me?  

When I saw the title, of his book I was all..oh, yes definitely. This is a book I NEED to read. 

I've written a little bit about body image before.   This is a topic that a lot of women (and men) struggle with.

When I started this book, I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I read it, I almost wept with relief.  It felt like one of the first times that someone was actually saying "you don't have to be perfect."  It felt like one of the first times that someone actually acknowledged the problems with the diet and fitness industry.  The first time that someone actually called a spade a spade and said that excessive concern with one's physical appearance and too much obsession about diet and exercise is not exactly a Catholic/Christian attitude and can even be sinful. The author also acknowledged that going to the opposite extreme and that a sedentary lifestyle and excessively unhealthy eating can also be sinful.  The key is moderation.

But, how to achieve that ever illusive moderation? That is the hard part.  That is where this book comes in.   It offers wonderful spiritual help for healing from body image issues and finding moderation in the areas of diet and exercise.  For some odd reason, it never actually occurred to me to pray for help or to seek out the Sacraments in this regard.  

In addition to spiritual advice, the book offers practical advice for healing....from watching what you watch/read (ie. staying away from certain magazines) to watching who you hang out with or spend your time with.  I think social media can play a huge role in body image issues.  I know for myself, I've had to drop a few friends on Facebook, because they did nothing but post obsessively about their diet/fitness routine and it was not healthy for me to be seeing that all the time. 

The last line in each chapter of this book is:
And remember, if God says it’s good, it is good. 
What an awesome reminder....that God created the body and that the body is GOOD.   So much of our society is geared towards fighting against the body...fighting against it's natural tendency towards aging or soft bellies.  This book can provide one vital step for Catholics in the process towards learning to love your body and see it as good...just the way God says it is. 

This book is available on Amazon...either in paperback or Kindle format.  Go get yourself a copy.  

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  1. Every young person should be infused with this wisdom by their parents to ward off the devastating effects of the misguided popular standards of beauty. Excellent post and blog! God bless you.

  2. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have been slowly writing all my thoughts down. I want to reorder my disordered thoughts about my body and and the way I look.
    Thank you for the review. You have convinced me to add it to my wishlist.


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