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Five Easy, Peasy, Super Yummy Recipes for Summer

I've spent many a summer living without THE GREATEST INVENTION EVER (a.k.a central air conditioning).    It's horrific, I know.  But, some of those crazy people in the North still think you don't need it and we're about to move to a place that doesn't have it (gasp of horror here), so I'm sure I will be making use of these recipes quite often. 


One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Does your grocery story offer reduced sale bananas that are are starting to turn brown?  If so, snatch those babies up.  Snatch them ALLLLLLL up.   When you get home, peel them, cut them into pieces, stick them in freezer bags and pop them in the freezer.

Then, when you want a sweet treat, just throw some frozen banana in your food processor and blend, blend, blend until it turns into wonderful delicious, smooth and creamy ice cream.  Try it.  It really does work and you don't need ANY other ingredients.  I've always said that a banana is nature's perfect food and this just proves it.   If you wish, you can add a bit of vanilla, but it's not necessary.   if you want to experiment, you can make chocolate by adding cocoa powder, peanut butter by adding peanut butter or strawberry by adding jam.  I've even heard of people adding Nutella.  If you add cocoa powder, I would add just a tad of a sweetener (honey or sugar or maple syrup).  Either way, it's all delicious.  My favorite is to add cocoa powder, peanut butter and just a tad of honey.  A most delicious way to get your bananas in and all you need are frozen bananas and a food processor. 



Everyone already knows about smoothies, so I don't really have to give you a recipe.  You basically just throw some yogurt or milk in with some frozen fruit and whatever else you want to throw into your blender or food processor.  Peanut butter, coconut oil, flax seed, spinach, kale...the possibilities are endless.  My favorite is to throw in an entire lime (peel and all) a delicious tropical taste and all that vitamin C is so good for you.   Plus, the green of the lime disguises the green of the any veggies you throw in. 


Scrambled Egg Muffins. 

These are perfect when it's too hot to stand over a stove and cook eggs.  Or, if you just want something that is do-ahead, quick and easy...make a whole batch ahead of time and eat them for a quick breakfast on the go.

I love this recipe.


Cold Roasted Chicken

I know what you are thinking....roast a chicken in the summer??  Hear me out.

The great thing about roasting a chicken is that you can roast it slow and low, or quick and hot. 

Just take a whole chicken, sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika.  And then roast in the oven at either 300 degrees for about 4 hours or 400 degrees for about 2 hours.  Do this when you AREN'T home or will be outside (so you don't heat up the kitchen with you in it.  It will be okay...I'm always leaving the house with roasting chickens in the oven and I haven't burned anything down....yet.   However, if you do this and burn your house down, I take no legal responsibility and can not be held liable.
When the chicken is done, pull it out, let it cool, pull all the meat off and and use that meat to make cold chicken salad, or chicken tacos or just eat it plain.

Chicken salad is my favorite.  I just throw some cut up chicken over any green salad, and in the summer we eat green salad in spades thanks to these grow boxes.

Then take the carcass and throw it in the crockpot, cover with water, add some salt and cook on low overnight.  The crockpot doesn't heat up the kitchen and you will have super healthy and nutritious bone broth in the morning to use for soups, or just to drink.


Cold Pasta Salad

Another refreshingly cool, delicious meal for summer.  Cook the pasta ahead of time, drain and then run under cold water to cool off.  Toss with whatever assortment of veggies, meat and cheese you like.  I'm a huge fan of mozzarella cheese balls, cut salami, broccoli, carrots, zucchini , slivered almonds and spinach.  Toss the whole thing with some olive oil mixed with a bit of red wine vinegar, fresh basil, oregano, chopped garlic and a bit of Parmesan cheese.  The possibilities are endless...just throw whatever you want in there.  We always use gluten-free pasta because that's what we do around here, but you can do yours however you like.

I hope you enjoy these recipes...I know I do!

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  1. Yummy! I will definitely try that lime trick! And I think I had completely forgotten about cold pasta salad.

  2. Pasta salad is my summer jam, for sure. I have a question about the smoothies though -- back when I was on a super health kick, I made a lot of spinach smoothies but I could never get the spinach to be un-stringy. Was that a blender thing or was I doing something wrong?


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