Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WWRW: Two Good Books for Sacrament Preparation

A few months ago, I won these books from a giveaway hosted by Lauren at The Loveliest Hour.   Winning anything is exciting, but I was especially excited to win these books, because the first one is written by Kendra Tierney...whom I consider to be a bloggy friend (but not a boggy friend).  I've been wanting her book ever since it was released.   However, I'm cheap and we're I was super excited to win it. 

All I can say is that I wish Kendra had written this book back in 2009 when Heidi received her first Confession and First Holy Communion....and again in 2012 when Greta  received her FHC.  But wasn't published until 2014. 

Irregardless, Heidi and Greta both enjoyed reading it quite a bit.   Even though they've been going to Confession monthly for some time, they both got a lot out of it.  The Examination of Conscious is especially helpful.  I love the way it breaks down all the commandments in a way that children can understand.  In fact, I won ANOTHER giveaway on Kendra's blog and she was kind enough to send me a packet of these little examinations.  Which is helpful for the kids because they use it, mark it and then throw it away (or burn it...which is a great visual showing how our sins are gone after Confession). 

Frequent Confession is one of the most important Catholic Traditions to teach your childrenn and this book makes teaching it just a little bit easier.  My kids have enjoyed reading it on their own, and we also went over it together  It's written in a very easy to understand style, but also has a lot of depth and meat to it. It's definitely something I plan to use in sacrament preparation for all the other kids and it does a fantastic job of explaining the sacrament of Confession and gives detailed instructions on how to go about going to Confession.

Greta wanted me to let you know that her favorite part is the story about a saint who had to eat some sort of rotten egg for his penance.  She liked that part. 

This book can be purchased online from CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop .   Unfortunately, I never actually purchased it when I worked there...I had to win it to actually get my hands on a copy.  This is another book I wish we had when Heidi and Greta were doing their Sacrament preparation.  Fortunately, it was still a good read for them, even now.

The first part of the book is a great question and answer format.  The second part talks about Eucharistic Miracles and the third part talks about the saints and the Eucharist.  My kids especially loved the saints' stories.  What's really nice about this book is that it basically contains a little bit of everything....teaching, prayer and stories.  It might be a bit much for your typical 2nd grader to read on their own (depending on their reading ability), but is a great resource for parents and a wonderful book to read together.

I highly recommend these two books for all Catholic children..but especially for those who are preparing for or have just received their sacraments.

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  1. I haven't read Kendra's book yet (because I didn't win it :-)) but I have looked through the Little Catechism and it looked like a treasure trove.


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