Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes-- Deja Vu and Prayers


Looky,'s the last weekend before the bar exam and here I am begging for prayers...again.  I seem to remember doing this before.   If you aren't familiar with our sordid back story....back in 2010 my husband left a lucrative good teaching job to go to Ave Maria School of Law in Fl. He graduated in 2013.  For some unknown reason we decided to have him take the bar in Virginia, because we wanted to live in Virgina.  Why Virginia? Not really sure other than we didn't want to stay in FL and we didn't want to go back to Rhode Island (where I am from). So he did take the bar in Virginia...and he passed.  But, he never got a lawyer job and spent the year teaching. 

Meanwhile, in a sudden and shocking move, my parents left Rhode Island and moved out to Indiana where they proceeded to use every imaginable lure to get us to move out here too.  And it worked, because we did.  Which is why Ben is taking the bar exam...again...this time in Indiana.   

It's next Tuesday and Wednesday, so please, please, please pray he passes.  AND, that he finds a job, because this girl is SO TIRED of moving and uncertainty and not being settled down.

SO TIRED of it!


I have to say...that I do really like Indiana so far. Especially the weather.  I'm sure I'll be eating my words come winter....but we don't have air the fact that it hasn't been that hot and I don't even miss it has been a HUGE blessing.  HUGE.  Not sure if it's unusual to only have highs in mid-upper 70's in July, but I will take it! It even seems cooler here than it was in Rhode Island.  That could just be because our house in Rhode Island was like a greenhouse and our house here is surrounded by trees and stays a lot cooler. will be 90 degrees all August.

And, talking about the weather is probably an all-time low on a blog.  


Another nice thing about Indiana is that we are in a wonderful Catholic Diocese.   Together as a diocese they are running a program using this book.

A mom I met through a local homeschooling coop invited me to a small woman's group at a nearby church, so I've been reading this book in preparation for consecration.

One thing I read has been very profound for me. 

The author talks about how after one consecrates themselves to Mary....Mary will "sweeten their cross."  Make their trials a bit easier..the cross is still there, but she makes it a bit sweeter and helps them carry it. 

Well...I NEED that.  I'm more afraid of suffering than I am of the suffering itself.  My greatest cross is a tendency towards excessive anxiety and worry. I'm more scared of being scared than I am of the scary thing. 

Makes sense?  Probably not, but I've been praying just a short simple prayer a lot lately

Mary, sweeten this cross.

And, I HAVE felt more peace about everything. 


Another prayer I really like is the Our Lady of Good Remedy Prayer 

We've been doing a lot of praying of various novena prayers lately...for the whole bar/job search things.


Speaking of is my cutest one right now,

Thanks to her....I've reached a new parenting low. She is "potty-training" which frequently involves cleaning unmentionable things out of unmentionable places.  Let's just say I've now bleached out a refrigerator because a certain someone decided to put a certain disgusting thing in there. 

Toddlerhood is NOT my favorite stage. Good thing they are cute...and they outgrow it.


So, we're a little behind on homeschooling this year.   Normally, we school-year round and go July-June.  We finish up our last year in June and start the next year in July.  Not this year....we're scrambling to finish by August.  I think we'll be done with everything (except math) by then.   Of course, two long-distance moves in the same school  year (August and June) didn't help much. 

The last few days, I've been ordering all our books/curriculum for next year.  That's fun.  NOT!  I hate doing it.  I think I'm pretty frugal but it's always way more money than I want to shell out at one time.  I just keep reminding myself that it's (WAY) cheaper than Catholic school as I hyperventilate through doing it.   I know there are ways to school completely free online but we've tried those and they just don't work for me/us at all.  

It's always a balance between finding curriculum that works, and that which is affordable.  I've been schooling long enough to know that it's better to err on the side of it works and just do our best with the finances. 


And, I'll leave you with the enlightening thought from Greta

Greta: Mom, I don't want to grow up because I don't want to have money responsibilities.  But, grown-ups do get to do whatever they want, so maybe I do want to grow up.  But, I don't want money responsibilities so I think I'd like to stay a kid. 

Me: Yeah, me too. 


(Since our normal host of 7 Quick Takes is at some fancy-schmancy gathering that us poor folk can't attend, the link-up is being hosted by, a great new blog you should check out.)

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  1. We live in NE Indiana and it has been an unusually cool summer. We are enjoying it as well! Prayers are coming your way.

    1. Thank you for your prayers! Much appreciated. We're actually in NE Indiana as well--- Fort Wayne!

  2. Poop in the fridge!? Yes, bleach sounds like the only way to go with that one!

    And I just prayed the Our Lady of Good Remedy prayer this morning.

    Prayers for your husband!

  3. Definite prayers for the bar! I cannot wait for this to be over!!! I'm really, really hoping it will be after taking it the first time. The thought of it not being over makes me on the verge of having a panic attack!

  4. 33 Days to Morning Glory is an EXCELLENT book! I did the consecration to Mary through Louis deMonfort's True Devotion to Mary years ago, and found 33 Days to be wonderful as well -and totally manageable for a busy mom.

    Fr Gaitley has another book out on how to practically incorporate the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy into your daily life, and I can't wait to get it.

    Prayers for Ben! TB

  5. We are moving back home to Ft Wayne soon! One of our kids has health issues so we are in Indy but back to Ft Wayne sooooon. If you need any info or help, shoot me an email!

  6. Godspeed to Ben on his exam. St. Joseph Cupertino, pray for us!

    How do you like the homeschool laws in Indiana? We are in Cincinnati and are wondering whether we should jump the border before our son has to be in first grade.

  7. I'll say a prayer for Ben!

    I'm reading another of Fr Gaitley's books right now--The One Thing is Three and it is really good!

  8. We did nine moves in our first seven years of marriage! But we've been in our house for six years now. Which is mostly better, but I keep wanting to move just to get rid of stuff. Praying for you!


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