Friday, July 4, 2014

7 Ways America is Still Great

Happy 4th of July!!  I hope your day is filled with food, festivity and fun.

A lot of people are really down on the good ole' U.S of A.   I tend to be one of them.  I will admit my patriotism tends to lag a lot at times.

But, there are lots of GOOD things about our country.  And, the 4th of July is the perfect time to celebrate those things!

1.  Free Public Libraries

While public libraries existed even in ancient times, Ben Franklin is credited with starting public libraries in America.   And, they are pretty cool.  All sorts of books and other media you can borrow, all for free.  I love free stuff.  And libraries just keep getting better..there is interlibrary loan and downloadable materials.  Shh...don't tell...but I still use my library card from places we no longer live to borrow kindle books.

2. Denim

With Hello Kitty shirts on top.  What could be better?

Seriously, denim was invented in America.  And everyone loves denim.  They just do.  I would be willing to bet that at least 98% of all Americans own at least one article of clothing that is denim..whether that is jeans, a jacket, a skirt, a jumper...just about everybody wears denim.   It goes with just about everything, is universal, can be dressed up or down, and unless you are talking about denim jumpers, is generally a very flattering material.  We all love denim!

Update: I have been informed that denim was not invented in the United States, that it was invented in Europe.  LEVI's were invented in the USA though.  I still think of denim as being an American know..cowboys and all.  Plus, I've been told that in the USSR during the 80's, jeans were a symbol of american capitalism/freedom and were banned for a period of time.  They had to be purchased on the black that makes them an iconic American item, right?

3. Apple Pie, Hamburgers, Deep Fried Twinkies, Need I Say More?

You just have to love American food.  I mean hamburgers?  Who doesn't love a good hamburger.  Even vegetarians love hamburgers which is why they sell those things called veggie burgers.  Americans are crazy for hamburgers....because they are goood.

And, apple pie...who doesn't love apple pie?

Actually, I don't think my dad loves apple pie.  But, he also doesn't wear denim, so he is an anomaly for sure.

And, let's talk about another distinctly American food.  Like deep-fried Twinkies...something I am sure is no doubt found only in America.  Now, I've never eaten a deep-fried Twinkie and I probably never will....but still, doesn't the idea just sound so delicious and disgusting at the same time. The paradox of American food. 

4. Football 

Actually, I Hate Football. 

But, a lot of people love it.  I mean, A LOT of people LOVE it.  My football loving hubby had to explain this to me, but football isn't just about football.

Football is a community activity.  Football brings people together.  If you watch the football game on Sunday afternoon, you have something to talk about with your co-workers on Monday.  People bond over football.  It's weird...and I don't get it...but that is what people do.  So, I guess anything that brings people together is a good thing.

5. There is still some semblance of religious freedom.

They haven't managed to take away all our rights to religious freedom just yet. And, compared to other parts of the world, we still have it pretty good here in America. 

6. Homeschooling and Education

In America, you can homeschool.
 In Germany, you can't.
  I'm glad that America believes in enough freedom to give parents the right to educate their children however they deem best...whether that is public school, private school or homeschool.

And speaking of education...the public education system in America is pretty amazing.  It has it's faults...that is for sure, but how great is it that EVERY child in America is able to be educated FOR FREE.  EVERY CHILD....FOR FREE.   That's way better than a lot of other countries. 

7. In America...the poor are rich. 

We've had times where our family income was below the poverty line (coughlawschoolcough).  And you know what...compared to most of the world, we were rich.  We were super rich.   We had a safe, comfortable house to live in, central air conditioning, plenty of food, working vehicles, cell phones, laptop computers.

In America, we think being poor means not being able to afford Disney vacations or a new vehicle every few years or for every kid to have their own bedroom.  People think they need 2000+ sq feet homes for 4 people and if they can't afford that, they are poor.   We say we are poor all the time, but what we really mean is that we can't afford luxuries. Even for people who really can't afford necessities (like food) there are plenty of government programs and food banks and soup kitchens that offer assistance.   If you are going to be poor, you're a lot better off being poor in America than being poor in other parts of the world.

God Bless America!

Happy 4th of July!

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