Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ants that (try to) Perform Corporal Works of Mercy and Other Favorite things.


Greta: Mom, I just saw an ant carrying a dead ant in the living room.  He carried him all around and then he dropped him. 

Me: Did the one ant bury the other ant?

Greta: No, he just dropped him.  But, I think he would have buried him if he could.

Is it still a corporal work of mercy if the intent is there, but due to one's own limitations ( being an ant) the action is impossible?


I recently discovered this website and absolutely love it.  It is run by a husband/wife team and they have a HUGE selection of workouts to chose from...all FREE.  And, these aren't wimpy workouts either...they are pretty intense..combining high intensity interval training, strength training, core exercises etc.  All workouts are of varying lengths, and levels of difficulties.  

The only thing I find odd is that they have workouts to 'build a booty."  Um...I don't want to build my booty...I want to shrink's quite large enough as it is, thank you very much. 


Sorry...not to get all political...but I found this pretty funny.


I won!  I won!! 


Actually, probably more like, I compromised, I compromised! 

On the whole health care topic....if you remember my pro-choice when it come to health care post

Well, I was able to talk to the dentist's office again, and as it turns out I don't have to pay for "oral hygiene instruction."   I did compromise and pay for the "routine preventative treatment", but at least I didn't have to pay for the dentist to tell me to brush and floss three times a day...which would be totally ridiculous. 


So, my Facebook Page is only 1 like away from reaching 100!!

Who wants to be my 100th like?!?!?!

Maybe there will be a prize involved? What type of prize...I don't know? I'll think of something. I'll send the 100th liker a (very) small surprise prize.  Everyone loves surprise, prizes right??  

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  1. Oh no you went political. Worst is that you used an Internet Meme. Did anyone read the 27,000 word opinion?

    1. I did! I wanted to make sure I understood it before I started commenting on it. Would that everyone else in my FB feed had done the same.

  2. I liked you and now you are up to 101!

  3. While I like your political meme, I don't think anything can top #1. I think I'm going to chuckle every time I see an ant now. Hehehe.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love the meme. And the failed corporal work of mercy. TB


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