Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So It's NFP Awareness Week (5 Things)

So...I'm spreading awareness.

I'm sure most of my readers are already quite familiar with NFP.

If you want to read more about NFP, my experience with NFP, or if you are just plain nosey (because let's face it,  people read blogs because they are nosey and want to know all about everyone else.  It's okay...I'm nosey too.  You can check out last year's post.

Well...I'm not into the whole sign-holding selfie thing.  Just seems REALLY awkward to me.  Although taking a picture of what I wore Sunday is not awkward at all.  Go figure.

So..I'll just show the signs without the selfies. you get to witness my absolutely atrocious handwriting.   Blame it on the public schools. 


Birth control is about the only medicine one takes when they are completely healthy to make your body NOT work the way it should.  Doesn't make sense.  


Even Wikipedia says it is.   And, I'm scared of carcinogens. 


Babies are awesome.  I love babies  Toddlers on the other hand...well...I'm not so fond of them. Thankfully they grow up into awesome kids...because I love kids.   Kids and babies are great.  Thankfully toddlers are just a blip on the child-rearing continuum .


There is something to be said for controlling your actions to get a specific outcome.  Don't want a baby.  Don't have sex when you are fertile (and NFP can help you know when you are fertile). Just like if you don't want to gain too much weight, don't each ice cream every night.  Funny how no one has a problem telling people that they should have perfect self-control when it comes to diet and exercise   But, heaven forbid anyone is expected to have self-control when it comes to sex. 


It really does.  One isn't really in control...they are just using a pill or something to gain a sense of control over their body.  But they aren't really in control...they are relying on SOMETHING else for control..instead of relying on THEMSELVES.   And artificial birth control fails...quite frequently actually.  I know a woman who got pregnant after her husband had a vasectomy AND she had a tubal ligation.  Yep

Anyway, so I'm going to link these up with Heather for 5 Favorites and call it a post. 

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  1. The medicine I take for a neuro condition makes hormonal birth control ineffective, I was using NFP prior to the diagnosis so there was no freak out on losing my form of family planning.

  2. In loving reading everyone's signs this week. The irony that insurance won't pay for infertility treatments to fix a system that is broken while shelling out to break a functioning system has always struck me as the nutshell explanation of what's wrong with the world today.

    1. And many insurance plans don't pay for maternity care, or don't pay much, or don't pay if the pregnancy starts w/in the first six months you're on the plan. . . . But heaven forbid we not have every single kind of contraceptive be absolutely free. Sheesh. What kind of absurd world are we living in??

  3. I like your last point a lot. I hadn't really thought about it from that angle before.

  4. If you replaced the term "birth control" with "the pill" or "contraception", I'd be totally on board with everything you're saying. But I think it could be argued that NFP - at least when used to avoid pregnancy - IS "birth control". Not contraception, mind you. It's still fundamentally different. But what is birth control besides an attempt to regulate the timing or spacing of pregnancy??


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