Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Day Santa Saw Jesus

It's Christmas in July!  This story is just too good not to share..  It's an interesting twist to the story of Santa Claus. 

The Day Santa Saw Jesus 

by Greta (age 9)

Long ago, Santa Clause gave toys to bad boys and girls. 

Santa would urge them to burp at the table, be mean, sneak, scare, steal, disobey, and not say prayers.  That's why kids were so naughty back then.

One day, Santa was giving toys to a boy who burped at the table, stole, was mean, didn't share or pray.

Then an angel appeared to Santa and said, "Santa, you are an evil man, rewarding kids for being bad. They don't know better but will do bad, bad, bad things when they grow up."
"That's my goal!" said Santa.

Then the angel shot an arrow at Santa.  It couldn't kill him as it was made of air, but it was painful.

Black blood streamed out of Santa.

Then the angel gave Santa a message from God.  It said, "Santa, you are an evil man.  Stop it.  I love you.:

There was a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus glowing red.  A bunch of saints appeared and Jesus and the angels all explained to Santa about God. 

Santa began to cry.

He wrote a letter to every child.

Dear Children,

       So sorry.  I will no longer give you toys for being naughty.  If you are good, I will give you toys.  You'll get toys from me and your heavenly reward.

Lots of Love,

Santa Claus. 

Then the children became very good and they all became saints. 

The end. 

Since this is a story and involves reading..I'm STRETCHING and linking up with Jessica for WWRW

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  1. Please tell Greta that we love her story!

  2. It's not one ill read to the boys (who are way too literal and would become painfully confused), Mario and truly enjoyed it. Greta is one of a kind! TB


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