Sunday, July 6, 2014

What I Wore Sunday with Questions about Weird Stuff

Well, well, well, it's been a few weeks since you all have had the pleasure of seeing what I wore Sunday.  I know, I know...your Sunday was just not complete without knowing that.  It's been a bit crazy with attending an out of state wedding, then a long-distance move, then attending an out of state family reunion.  But...things are somewhat normal now.  

So, here is what I wore today (linking up with FLAP) with some photo-bombing, crazy-face making kids. 

Actually, it was 69 degrees when I walked outside to take this picture, so I ended up wearing a jacket, that I later took off.

I have no idea what's up with that one-foot pose.   Looks cool..though, huh? (humor me, please). 

shirt: Newport News
skirt: thrifted
belt: older than the hills
sandals: given to me
Jacket: Thredup (if you use that link, you get $10 to spend for free..and so do I. Winning.  So, go get yourself a free dress or something as there are lots of things available for less than $10).

Now...I'll link up with Kendra and answer her questions. 

1. Have you ever walked out of a movie?

In a movie  But, I have fallen asleep during a movie in the movie I still missed it.  I think that movie was Lord of the Rings...the Fellowship of the Ring....but you know..I was sleeping.   In my defense, I was third-trimester pregnant with Heidi so obviously tired. 

I have walked out of movies that I was watching in college dorm rooms with friends in in particular comes to mind.  Let's just say that it wasn't very good.  I have no qualms about walking out of a movie that I find too intense or too violent or too disturbing or too sexual or too scary or too whatever.   I've also walked out of scary ghost stories during campfire time, so clearly I have very little tolerance for scary things and very little shame or embarrassment about leaving if I don't like something. 

2. What do you most often use for blogs and blogging: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone?

The only one of those I own is a laptop...a Chromebook. So, I do all my blogging on that. 

3. Have you ever had anything stolen from you?

Not that I can remember.  That probably says more for the fact that I have almost nothing of value, than that I am careful with my stuff.  Because I'm not..super careful that is. 

4. Do you identify as a member of a particular ethnic group? 

Italian, even though I'm only half Italian.  My mom is 100% Italian and we spent more time with her family so I identify more as being Italian.  Plus I have darker hair and olive skin I look Italian. 

5. Do you abstain from meat on Fridays?

I try to, although I'm not super strict about it (outside Lent)...but I do try to make a general point of not eating meat on Fridays. 

6. Seen anything weird lately?

Define weird.  Our entire life is weird.  I mean, we've had 3 long-distance moves in the span of about 13 months.  How much weirder can you get?

 Elsa has had some weird symptoms lately....a swollen eye (due to a stye),  random bumps (most likely bug bites), a VERY delayed onset of whooping cough symptoms about a month after everyone else had it (after being treated with no she's not contagious), odd diaper rashes (cleared up with iodine and castor oil) refusal to use the potty (okay, maybe that is not that weird) and starting the terrible 2's about 6 months too early (okay, not that weird).    Probably, I'm the weird one, because I put castor oil and iodine and my kids' diaper rash.  It works though. 

And that's all for today...hopefully I'll have more posts up this week. 

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  1. What did you do for the stye? My 18mo old has one that won't clear up -going on two months now. My pediatric nurse friend has looked at it and said that two mo the is really long for a stye, but as long as its not bothering him, keep doing warm compresses and let it heal on its own. Any natural remedies you'd recommend? I was very zealous about the warm compresses for a while, but he hates them so much I kinda trailed off. The stye does look BETTER than it has been, but just won't go away. TB

    1. The only thing I really did was squirt breastmilk in it. That seemed to help the most, and I think it helped prevent it from turning into conjunctivitis. I tried the warm compresses, but she only tolerated that so much, so not sure how much they helped. The stye went away within 3 days or so. The other thing that really helped, was that when I took her into the doctor, when the doctor was looking at her eye, I think she might have squeezed it or bumped it or something that might have manually helped it break and clear up.

    2. Ok. I don't have any breastmilk now, but should soon, since Baby's due in three weeks.

      Speaking of babies, I've always wanted to write to you regarding your experiences with homebirth and, specifically, with your midwife in FL. I know you posted about that a l o n g time ago, but since I saw the same midwife BUT she was one of 5 I've worked with, and I've had two homebirths, I just wanted to sympathize with your feelings on that particular midwife and share my experiences with you (not to try to convince you to try again, since homebirth simply is not for everyone), but to address some of the issues you raised in your homebirth blogpost.

      This desire is primarily motivated by the fact that I too, was not confident in the FL mid wife's skills or knowledge, which is why, in the end, I flew to my mom's house in WI to give birth with a midwife known and trusted through my SIL's 7 births. She was great, as have been the three I've known in AK. In the end, after reading your post, I was so sorry that your first experience with homebirth was with this particular midwife, because of her lack of knowledge, etc. and the fact that it probably highly influenced your feelings and thoughts about your birth experience and homebirth in general. I do wish you had experienced it with someone more qualified, and I assure you, they are out there!

      Anyway, totally off-topic! But maybe I'll find the time to shoot you an email one if these days.

    3. If your baby is due in only 3 weeks, you *may* be able to squeeze out a tiny bit of colostrum now (some moms can get some during pregnancy, but not all). I think colostrum would be really effective as well.

      Thanks for your thoughts on homebirth. I do agree, that she wasn't the best. I'd love to hear more about your expriences. Yes...definitely email me if you get a chance.:)

  2. Yeesh, sounds like you guys are really having a rough go of it, healthwise! That's kind of fascinating about the iodine and castor oil... Elizabeth keeps pooping and then running away to play by herself until she gets sick of being in a dirty diaper, at which point she's got a rash and they've been getting pretty nasty lately :( We finally had to go with a non-cloth diaper-safe cream that worked well, but I really don't like having to use disposables while she's in it!

  3. I love your outfit! Very hip without looking "try-to-hard," if that makes any sense.


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