Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Ways We are Strict

Yesterday I talked about discipline and how loose-goosey we are when it comes to certain things. 

Just so you don't think we are total hippies, I thought I would mention 7 ways in which we are on the stricter side.

1) Media

We don't have cable right now...but even when we did, my kids never watched TV.  NEVER.  Heck, I never watched TV myself. Ben was the only one who did so, and even then, it was only for sports. 

2) Screen time

We do watch movies however...either online (Amazon Prime...we used to do Netflix) or movies that we own or get from the library.  They are (usually) only allowed to watch a show or movie in the evening, after dinner, after everything is cleaned up and after prayers (and they all have to agree on the show).  And, even then, they can't just watch whatever they want online.  

They also have a laptop, but screen time is limited to after they finish school (unless using it for school) and certain computer activities (playing chess, studying chess, Starfall, Typing Instructor). They can't just use it for anything. 

We no longer have any working Kindles (super sad) or any other hand held devices so the computer is the only screen time they get.  

3) Chores/School

They have to do these everyday.  Well not school everyday, but everyday we do school.  And they have to clean up/vacuum every day. They have to sort the laundry every day.  And they can't watch their one show until that is all done. 

4) Food

I've written about how we deal with picky eaters here, so as you know I'm not super strict.  But, I am strict in that certain foods can only be consumed at certain cream only on special times (or every Sunday) can't just eat chocolate chips or chips (when we have them) whenever you want.  They have to ask before eating any kind of treat food (cookies, leftover cake, candy from Halloween, etc.). With things like candy after Halloween or Easter, we usually do something like you can have 3 pieces a day until it's gone. 

And everyone has to eat at least some vegetables at dinner time. We've been doing this for a few years and by this point vegetables are pretty much the ONLY thing everyone DOES eat without complaining. 

5) Bedtime

Right now, all the older kids go to bed at 9:00 PM and Elsa usually goes to bed earlier (she still nurses to sleep).  I honestly wish I could be less strict on bedtime and let Heidi stay up later. However, currently we live in a SUPER small house (basically just 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom) and there is no place where she can stay-up and where my husband and I could stay up without everyone getting into everyone's way and I need my adult time without ANY kids around. I'm dreaming of the day we have a bigger house with more space and a few extra rooms where we can spread out a bit more. 

6) Exercise/physical activity.

Our family tends to not be very naturally athletic.  We just aren't real sports people. I do exercise/work-out every day and I make my kids do so as well.  We used to go on family walks a lot, but unfortunately we currently live right on a very, very busy road without sidewalks so that makes walking not really possible.  So, now they find other ways to exercise (usually using an exercise step). 

7) Clothes.  

I'm not strict on what they wear on any particular day, but I am sorta strict on what clothes actually end up in their closet/dresser. No one has the money or means to buy clothing on their own anyway, so it's not really a problem and when they do need something, I usually just buy it for them. 

(Counting this as a Friday 7 Quick take)
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  1. I completely agree with your choices about where to choose your battles and be strict. There are SO many things it's just not worth arguing about, rules that are nearly impossible to enforce. But I do think if you pick a few important things then just about every kid will fall in line 90% of the time - and you can't hope for better than that!

  2. I feel for you with the space situation, Amelia. Right now we have one (small) living area and live off of a busy road, too, which makes exercising difficult. It would be great to be able to walk right out our front door and take family walks!


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