Friday, August 8, 2014

7QTF: Breastfeeding, Chess and Stuff


Did you know that it's National Breastfeeding Week?

Since I've spent 11 of the last 12 years breastfeeding...I might just have a thing or two to say about it.

It's hard for me to articulate how much breastfeeding has meant to me in my last 12 years of motherhood.  It is about so much more than just feeding a baby.  Breastfeeding has been such a large part of my mothering.

It's about nurturing and comfort and connection.  Weaning is a right of passage and my kids have all taken that step sometime between age 3 and 4.    

As babies and toddlers, breastfeeding is how they fall asleep....and how they wake up.

It is how they get comfort and how they relax. 

It comforts them when they are sick and nourishes them back to health. 

It keep them quiet in church and calms a toddler storm. 

It's not always fun (like right now when a certain toddler should be nursing to sleep but is instead kicking her feet in my face) but it's always worthwhile. 

(Disclaimer..please, please do not take this post to be any sort of judgement on moms who can't breastfeed, don't breastfeed, wean earlier or do things differently.  We all have our other mothering path and breastfeeding is big part of mine.  It may not be part of yours, and that is okay.)


So, we've officially started our new homeschool year (one in 7th, one in 4th and one in 1st).  So far things are going rather swimmingly and I'm actually quite pleased with the curriculum we chose.   That's the good news. 


The bad news is that from talking to others in the area about the legal job market, I've pretty much resigned myself to another 12-18 months of un/underemployment, hardship and difficulty...if not longer.   I really really really wish I had appreciated what it was like to have a normal life back when we actually had one. More time off purgatory right?

Ben and I are going to be starting bimonthly rated weeknight chess tournaments here.   Really hoping we get a good turn-out with lots of other kids for my kids to play. 


A friend posted this interesting article on my wall the other day.   I do agree that in many ways our parenting was harder.  Sometimes I really long for the days when we didn't have Dr. Google and I couldn't convince myself that every single little symptoms is a SERIOUS AND SCARY disease and I couldn't compare myself to all the other better mothers who actually have matching furniture.

On the other hand..I love play dates and organized classes and taking my kids fun places.  They are fun for me, too! 


I've been getting into essential oils recently (don't worry I did NOT join a network marketing company) I'm just been learning on my own.  I really love them....sometimes just whiffing a bit of lavender oil is enough to relax me.  Heaven knows......I need all the relaxation I can get. 


I can't think of anything else, so I'll just direct you to Conversion Diary for more quick takes. 

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