Sunday, August 17, 2014

Answer Me This: Houses, TV' Shows and the Sign of Peace.

Answering more questions from Kendra

1. What is your favorite room in the house?

We live in a house that has more people than rooms (6 people and only 5 rooms) so that's kinda a tough question.  My favorite room is whichever room has no one else currently in it...which probably means the bathroom.  And, our bathroom isn't that great. 

2. Do you subscribe to any magazines or other periodicals?

No, we don't subscribe to any, but we do get a few magazines and periodicals because we belong to organizations that send them out. Indiana Lawyer, Chess Life, Chess Life for Kids and the AAA magazine are the ones I can think of right now. 

We also get alumni magazines from where we went to college/graduate University of Rhode Island, Transylvania University and University of Kentucky.  We've moved so many times, that I'm not sure how they find us, but they always, always, always do.  It's almost spooky.

3. How do you feel about the sign of peace in Mass? Enriching? Awkward? Overdone? Just right? Some combination of the above?

Generally I find it to be awkward, but I just tend to find those sorts of things awkward. 

4. What is your least favorite sound?

A baby (or even a kid) crying. 

5. What was your favorite TV show (or shows) growing up?

I loved that PBS show Square One.  Yep, I'm a geek.

6. What are your favorite TV shows now?

We don't have actual cable, so I just watch online.  I like:

House M.D.
Dick Van Dyke Show
Downton Abbey

Although I think we're about to cancel Netflix and switch over to Amazon Prime. So, then I'll have to find new shows to watch.  Any suggestions for things available on Prime?  I'm a little nervous about it because I tend to do a lot of impulse Amazon Prime shopping.  We haven't had Prime several months and my online shopping expenditure decreased significantly during that time. So, I'm going to to have to be strict with myself.  


Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting blog post, entitled, The Day We Almost Spent the Night in the Woods (alternatively titled) The Day I almost Strangled My Husband. 

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  1. YAY!! I'm the first commenter and so I can be the first one to also say HOORAY FOR SQUARE ONE!!!!!!!!! I still spend weekend nights watching clips of it on YouTube and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I sometimes show the music videos to my kids, but it's really mostly so I can watch them over and over, like Angle Dance and the Mathematics of Love <3 So happy to find another Square One geek, I mean "fan," out there!

    1. ps - Shaun the Sheep is on Amazon Prime and not Netflix, so there's that!

  2. I'm with you on looking for the quiet room in the house :)

  3. I LOVED Square One! With me, there are a flurry of ordering from Amazon Prime when we first signed up, but then it tapered off. It is so nice though. If you like Downton, check out both series of Upstairs, Downstairs. Same idea and super fun.

  4. Don't know if you've ever read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but if you have and you like that sort of quirky humor, there are an excellent few episodes of Dirk Gently on Amazon Prime! (Based off of Douglas Adam's book, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.) I say a few episodes, because BBC cut funding (horribly, horribly sad, as that was a really well-done show). There was a huge petition for it to come back, but the people in charge of these sorts of things had their priorities mixed up. Still... it is so good you ought to see it, even though it is like being offered only three or four Chee-tos squiggles to eat, instead of the whole snack bag. However, be forewarned: there are a few bad words in each episode. Mainly when Dirk is trying to start his car. And a bit of sexual innuendo. So, not really a kids' show... use discretion with teens.


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