Sunday, August 31, 2014

ONE simple trick to help toddlers and young kids behave at Mass (+ WIWS)

I've been reading a lot of blog posts floating around recently about helping toddlers and young kids behave at Mass. 

Unfortunately though NONE of them mentioned  my ONE simple trick that if we can pull if off, works for our toddlers and young kids almost 100% of the time to ensure good Mass behavior. 

That's right folks.  

With OUR kids, this trick works close to 100% of the time to ensure good Mass behavior. 

YOUR  results may vary.

Are you ready for the ONE simple trick that almost always works for us?

Just send me $19.95...and I'll send you my one simple trick!


Kidding, kidding.  Because I'm so nice, I'm going to tell you it for free (but I'll take $19.95 if you want to send it to me anyway). 

Here's our trick!


Just be sure to sit with strangers in front of you, strangers behind you, strangers to the left of you and strangers to the right of you. 
They don't even have to be strange strangers.  Perfectly normal strangers work great too. 

That's right DON'T sit on the end, sit in the middle of the pew.  And sit the "problem child(ren)" next to the stranger. 

If your kids are anything like mine, they will be too shy to misbehave sitting in such close proximity to A STRANGER.  

I'm pretty sure this is my toddler's thoughts process when sitting right next to A STRANGER. 

I can't talk, I can't cry, I can't move, I can't do anything other than cling to mommy or daddy because that strange person there might notice me and if they do, they might kidnap me and sell me to the gypsies where I will never, ever get ice cream or nana again.  That would be terrible. 

And that's pretty much what my kids do, for the entire Mass...quietly sit on our lap because they are too shy to be loud or talk or try to climb past A STRANGER.

If your kids aren't shy like that...sorry...I've got nothing.  

But it works for us. 

If you want to read more of my posts about children at church, check out. 

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And here's a picture of What I Wore today and our running toddler who did not run around at Mass today, because she hates strangers. 

The shirt is from Twice (which is an online thrift store).  I just tried them and love them.  If you buy something through that link, we each get $10.  So, you can go get a free shirt or something. And they offer free returns with store credit.  So, you're bound to find something you like. 

The skirt was passed on to me by a friend (my husband hates that skirt, but I love it). 

And, we won't talk about my shoes because you can't really see them in the picture anyway but rest assured I did wear shoes to Mass today. 

You can see more Sunday fashions at Fine Linen and Purple

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  1. My kids crawl under pews to sit in the laps of strangers and ask them if they have a pool. :D

  2. I must have kids like Kendra; strangers mean nothing to my boys!

  3. Strangers work for us with the bigger kids, but they are generally well behaved anyway. Nothing seems to work with the 15-24 month range. Fortunately, my husband takes over toddler duty (at Mass) around age 2 and they seem to magically improve over night for him. But that year between 1 and 2 is always a doozy for us!

    1. That is the WORST age for Mass behavior...especially right around 18 months or so, IME.

  4. Agreed! This is my technique for when I have to take my kids to Mass by myself (w/o my husband...) :)

    1. I figure at least there is one advantage to having shy kids. :)

  5. Love it, Amelia! My one trick is: sit at the front. We sit in the second pew behind the elderly people who generally love my kids, but don't distract them during Mass. We are close enough that when they get distracted I can usually get their attention by explaining what's going on on the altar.

    1. I always mean to sit near the front, but we are usually the ones rushing in at the last minute .

  6. Love your outfit! That skirt is cute! Your husband is craxy! :)

  7. This is my favorite strategy too. Make sure they are totally boxed in with no space to move around in the pew whatsoever. It's so much less trouble than keeping up with a Mass bag, which we lost at Mass several times. I do have one who is oblivious to strangers so he gets to be between Dad and the end of the pew, preferably a concrete pillar!

  8. In contra distinction to you and your hubby, wasn't crazy about that skirt, but my husband loved it. How funny. Did you ever modify the weirdly long waistline? TB

    1. Ha...that's funny. I'll be sure to tell Ben that M. loved that skirt.
      No, I never did modify the waistline...I usually just fold it's comfortable enough and I like that it tends to "hold everything in."

      So how are you?? I've been thinking about you. Baby news??


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