Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ho Hum...7 Quick Takes

1.  Oddly enough, I am not scared of Ebola virus.  Even though lots of other people are...including my husband who once passed out while watching a movie on Ebola.  You know what medical things I am scared of? Cancer and Lyme Disease. Clearly I'd rather bleed out my eyeballs than have a long-suffering illness. 

2.  Elsa has her 2-year check-up yesterday. She is healthy...and about 50% percentile for height and 25% for weight. I would have thought she was fatter than that...but apparently not. When we did the language/development screening thing, she passed everything, so seems to be doing okay.

3.  Speaking of pediatricians, does anyone else find it EXTREMELY AWKWARD when the doctor has you hold your toddler on your lap facing out and then the doctor scoots their chair up really close with their legs spread and your legs are kinda in between their legs. 

Like this.  I recreated the scene with Dr. Greta.  Yes, Dr. Greta is eating a muffin while conducting an exam.  Medical professionalism at its best.

AWKWARD, AWKWARD, AWKWARD. I've had 2 different doctors do this and the whole time I'm just worried I'm going to accidentally knee them in the groin.  Yikes!!

4. Is it all right to talk about something that REALLY annoys me. I hate it when friends of my friends, friend me on Facebook, I accept and then later find out that they use Facebook to CONSTANTLY promote their business/MLM thing.  I don't mind when actual friends promote their business/MLM, on Facebook but I DO mind when people I don't really know try to friend me so that just have one more person to hawk their thing too.  

5. The worst part about job searching is the CONSTANT highs and lots...and moving up and down between hope and despair.  That's not an exaggeration.  It feels like a constant roller coaster with numerous difficult decisions to be made. I hate it!

6. Speaking of job searching, maybe I'll write a whole post on this soon, but when my kids are ready for college, I'm going to REALLY push them to find something with good career options with flexibility for working part-time in different areas. Ben and I both feel that our colleges failed us MISERABLY at career counseling. No one really explained how certain major/career choices increases your job opportunities and others limited them.   If I had it to go back and do it over again, I would have majored in some sorta of health field (like Nursing) and continued working even after having kids on a very-part time basis (like once a week).  I realize I could still do that now, but going back to school is infinitely more complicated at this point.   And, Ben wishes that someone had mentioned law school to him 10 years ago, so he could have considered the possibility back when we were young and the economy was a lot better.

7. We finally gout our gas turned on this Wed.  I had been delaying doing it because the only thing we need gas for is heat and we just moved here end of June, so the world outside provided all the heat we needed.  But, my mother was after and after me to get our heat turned on.  So, I finally  did it and sure enough, last night it got down to like 40 degrees and they are only calling for a high of 46 today.  Even with our heat set at 62 degrees, it still turned on.  Moral of the story...always listen to your mother.

No, I'm off to take a walk on a chilly morning.  Linking up with Jen for Quick Takes on a Saturday.
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  1. #6

    My first university didn't care if I even graduated. I spoke to my advisor about taking a semester off, and instead of encouraging my to stay... He just wanted me to go away.

    But being a poli sci major, I didn't click with the prof views.

    When transfered to another, sure I may not if agreed with the professors, but they stuck to a syllabus and lectures on subject were separate from opinion.

    But with so many psych and business admin graduates.....

  2. I think a lot about all the things I wish I had known when choosing a career. Even in law, I would have chosen a different kind of law if I had had more self-knowledge at the time. . . . I think about what paths to steer my kids into. But then a lot of it is just knowing the world and knowing yourself. And you can't rush anyone into that. *sigh*

  3. #3... Yeah that's super awkward. If you kneed him in the groin once he'd probably switch to sitting alongside you.

  4. #1. Everyone here in the Dallas area is worried about it. Ironically, we're also sick of hearing about it. The mayor and all the health officials here don't seem concerned in the least, though. However, the local news is reporting that a few people from that apartment complex where the guy stayed are being turned away from their jobs, retail shops, etc.
    #2 Good for Elsa!
    #3 My grandkids pediatrician is female. ;)
    #4 I find it annoying when friends of friends want to friend me but I have no idea who they are. Aside from just being a friend of my friend.
    #6 I pray your husband's job search is fruitful!

  5. The doctor part is hilarious, Amelia- it is super awkward! I always am uber vigilant not to move so I dont accidentally bump or kick them!


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