Sunday, October 12, 2014

Liebster, Bloghop and What I Wore Sunday

Christine (who I have actually MET) was kind enough to tag me for a Liebster I decided to give a go at answering her questions. 

1. What's one thing you do really well?

Does complaining count?  Because I'm really good at that.  

Also, I'm really good with my babies..I love breastfeeding and I never get impatient when they wake up all the time or when they cry or when they want to be held all the time.  I never feel touched out and don't mind taking them with me everywhere and nursing 10,000 hours a day. I love all that. It all goes to heck once my kids turn one though..... I am NOT good at toddlers...just babies. 
2. What's your favorite blog post you've written (include link)?

3. What is one blog post or article by another writer that has stuck with you for a long time (include link)?

Worth Your Weight by Katie...who I once met in person because we ended up sitting at the same table at a mutual friend's wedding.  

4. Are you a "cat person" or a "dog person"?

Well, I own a cat right now, but I prefer dogs. I'd rather have a dog, but we aren't in a position to own a dog right now.  And, we've had the cat for a long time, so we've kept him...but I actually probably like dogs better.  I love taking dogs on walks.  I think it would be great fun to be professional dog walker. 

5. How well do you get along with your siblings?

Let's go down the list:

Older brother: I get along, but we still fight like cats and dogs occasionally.

First younger sister:  We get along  But she's a nun, so she can't fight.

Younger brother:  We get along well. I've always gotten along with him best out of any of my siblings.

Youngest Sister:  We get 

6.  Do you subscribe to any publications?

No. Nothing that we pay for anyway.

7. If your house was on fire, and you had time to grab ONE object to save (assume all other people and pets are already out safely), what would it be?

Definitely my laptop.  I'm not attached to anything else really and it's what I use the most and what I would miss the most.

8. Are there any kids' toys that you suspect you might enjoy playing with as much as/more than the kids?

These Reptangles.

9. What kind of candy will you be handing out for Halloween?

We live on a very busy, rural highway so I'm 99.9999% sure we won't get anyone coming to our house on Halloween.  If they do, they'll just have to play a trick, because I'm not planning on buying any candy that most likely won't get handed out to anyone.

10. Have you ever seen or experienced something you suspect was supernatural?  

No, I can't really say that I have.

And, I'm supposed to come up with more questions and tag other people. but I'm lazy, so I'm not going to do that.  But if anyone wants to answer these questions themselves in the comments or in their own blog, I'd LOVE to read your answers!!

And, Erica tagged me in her BlogHop.  What fun!!  So there are her questions about writing. 

What Am I Writing?

I mostly write about parenting, food, clothes (not that I know anything about fashion), body image, natural health, homeschooling and a bit about my life.

How Does My work Differ from Those in My Genre?

Unlike a lot of other mommy bloggers. I don't write a lot of "here are a million pictures of our soccer game, pumpkin patch, playground trip, vacation type posts."  Not there is anything wrong with those, but it's not my thing.  I try to write things with a bit more content, just because those are the posts I like to read.  And, I don't do you will NEVER see a craft post from me. Never, Ever, Ever.  

Why Do I Write What I Write?

I write about what I like to read about and I write about things that interest me.                                                                                                       
How Does My Writing Process Work? 

I don't really have a process...I write, then I edit, then I look for pictures...then I publish.  Sometimes I get lazy and skip the pictures.

I'm supposed to tag other people for this...but I don't know who has been tagged and who hasn' I'll just tag the following.

Christine at Splendor in the Home.
Catherine at Catholic Mom Apologia
Holly at Seven Million Wonders
Theresa at Ordinary Lovely
.                                                                                                                                                                --------------

And the best for last..  What I Wore Sunday!  Because I LOVE seeing what other people wore I love to link up with FLAP myself.    Fashion-wise, I am SO HAPPY that it's fall and starting to get cooler.  I just feel like I have a lot more options and it's easier to look more "pulled" together in the fall/winter/spring when I can wear layers and boots and all that stuff. 

One of these days I'll write a fashion post and all the things I've learned since posting What I Wore Sunday.  Actually, I say that a lot.  I need to go back and find all those promises so I can write those posts!!

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  1. Thanks for answering my questions - those reptangles look pretty fun. I enjoy building toys as well, but the kids always try to knock things down before I can finish them.

    Thanks also for the bloghop nomination...I'll try to get to that soon. It's funny to consider questions about "my writing process" and "my genre", though. I really don't consider myself a writer. Just someone who wastes too much time on blogs :-P

  2. Oh, lots of interesting information in this post! I love posts about the people that write the blog. Reading about their kids can be interesting, and sometimes reading opinion posts is interesting as well, but my favorite posts are about the blogger! It is like reading a memoir in small doses! I love memoirs!

    Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  3. The purple is lovely on you and I really like your jacket! I've never seen the Reptangles before - those look like fun!!

  4. cute layers! It's still too warm for boots around here, but I am excited to pull my boots out again!! Very interesting answers to the questions, and I thought that post of your about not trying to lose weight was excellent.

  5. I need some Reptangles in my life. Also! That jacket is super legit -- is it denim?

  6. Fun! Thanks for the tag and I will get to the blog hop soon!

  7. Ahh!! I could've written the bit about the babies!
    I must now consider answering the first set of questions..

  8. Those reptangles look awesome! Thanks for sharing so much. I love posts with solid content too. Also, I love your boots! I just pulled mine out last weekend and will be wearing them from now till March.

  9. Hmm... those are some good questions about blogging that I'll have to think about beyond "I blog so I don't have to fold the laundry" :)
    Thanks for including me! Hope to get to it this week.


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