Thursday, October 23, 2014

Psst....Hey, Wanna See My Wrinkled Clothes?

So, it seems as though just about everyone in the bloggy word (or at least the bloggy world I blog in), is talking about fashion and capsule wardrobes and things of that nature.

I'm not super fashionable and I pretty much despise some of the current fashion trends (like patterned not get that one at all.  I mean, I think they look cute on an 8-year old, but I don't get the appeal for grown women.  But then I don't really like patterns anyway). 

Anyway, I do like to look at least somewhat put together...most of the time.  So, I figured I'd share, since that is the purpose of a blog. right? 

This past year, I've been working on putting together a "classic" wardrobe.  I guess you could say it is a capsule wardrobe, and I think it fits into the 37ish piece capsule rule.  Or close enough, anyway.

Here is what I'm striving for.

Dress For Your Body Type: This is probably the most important rule. I've been working on building a wardrobe that fits my individual body-type.  Which happens to be a curvy hourglass figure...emphasis on the curvy part.   Which means I buck the current fashion trends and eschew those flowy, loose-fitting, over sized tops that seem to be all the rage in favor of clothing that is more fitted.  I still prefer boot-cut to skinny jeans...and I sorta hate leggings. My favorite pair of pants are skirting the bell-bottom line, so I'm definitely going against the trend here.   

I'm also trying to find pieces which all go together. I seem to have an overabundance of black, brown and dark blue clothing. Probably because I'm so melancholic.  Maybe I will just go for artsy look and wear all black, all the time. 

Anyway, here's what I'm wearing this fall (and winter and spring). 

Per capsule wardrobe rules, this doesn't include workout clothes, athletic shoes (because I don't wear them outside of athletic endeavors), sleeping clothes, etc.

And, yes, it's a few more than 37 pieces, but a lot of the short-sleeved shirts I wear in the summer, and continue to wear in the fall/winter/spring, just layering something else on top.  So this is basically my entire wardrobe, just adding on heavy coats and extra layers when its colder and removing layers and adding in a few pairs of shorts when it's warm.

Yes, my clothes are all wrinkled.  No, I'm not going to iron them...ever. I'm trying to start a new fashion trend...the rumpled look.  Possibly I might throw them in the dryer, but probably not. Probably I'll just wear them wrinkled. 

Possibly I may have 1 or 2 items that didn't make it into these pictures because they were in the wash.  But, you get the general idea. 

And here's an example of a few outfits put together.  Hmm...I guess that green shirt didn't make it into the collage above. Well, that is part of my fall wardrobe as well.  So, now you can see everything.

So, this is a link-up with Kendra.

And since there are no rules for Theme-Thursday, I'm going to say I did a Nice Job and link up with the Clan. Yes, it's a stretch, but hey..making collages and writing blog posts ain't easy.  And hey, what my pictures lack in quality, they make up for in quantity. 
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  1. Amelia, I think you are honest, thoughtful, and funny. I love reading your blog.

    I am more of a classic clothing type lady, too, but I do like some of the thin, flowy tops that are in stores these days because they don't hug my saggy belly. Plus, they layer well. And I love a pretty pattern.

  2. I love your honesty, too, and you know what? Some of my clothes get wrinkled and I wear them anyway, too. I haven't ironed anything in years. :P

  3. I am with you on the print leggings. Maybe for teenagers and early 20s but after that...yikes! In general, unless it's a stripe, I don't typically do prints. And I never iron. EVER! I try to get everything out of the dryer as soon as it stops running and hang it up.

  4. I don't understand the leggings being worn as pants craze, nor the "I'm wearing leggings, so I can totally get away with wearing a mini skirt" craze. They both drive me crazy. I find mysf wanting to yell at someone every day, "LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!" Grown women, teenagers, and little girls. Patterns or no, PLEASE don't wear leggings as if they were suitable alternatives to pants anywhere outside of the privacy of your own home. TB

  5. I like to wear leggings, but only with long tunic shirts or dresses. During cold months they are warmer than tights and jeans just irritate my skin more when the cold gives me goosebumps. I also think you have to have a the body type and legs to pull off a print legging. I might get adventurous and try it out one day. =)

  6. But MY print leggings have the Blessed Mother on them!

  7. I paired a dress with some leggings recently for Mass and I really thought I looked good, everyone in my fam was like hmmm? I need some wardrobe help, I think! I do wear boots and skirts A LOT too and I love that look.


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