Friday, October 10, 2014

Somtimes You Get the Rain Cloud and Sometimes the Rainbow (7QTF)

.1. On Monday, Ben got sworn in for the Indiana State Bar.  We all went to the ceremony and had the pleasure of hearing various talks and roll calling and oath-taking and it was all very formal and court-like with lots of motions and may it please the court and things like that.  Just like on TV. 

2.  Elsa, who just turned two, was a perfect angel at the ceremony. It was pretty amazing.  She's also been really good at Mass lately, so hopefully her wild days are in past.

3. Except for when we went out to eat afterwards with my parents, and she spilled something on her dress and then proceeded to remove it in the middle of the restaurant. No modestly there yet!

4. On the drive home we saw a perfect Rainbow.  I guess that made up for the fact that we had to walk several blocks in the rain through Indy to get from where we parked to the Convention Center.  So we got both the rain clouds and the rainbows.  We actually also saw a perfect rainbow on the way up, but I didn't get a shot of that one. So two rainbows in one day!

5. Most of you probably know that I tend to be fairly crunchy.  And I used to be all into natural cleaning stuff.  But, the last two years, I've been spiraling down into the harsh chemicals.  It started when we lived in Virginia and pretty much got mold EVERYWHERE in the bathroom.  The ONLY effective way to get rid of it was to spray that Tilex Mold Killer on it and that that took care of it for a good two months at a time. 

Then here, in Indiana, we deal with hard water so it stains EVERYTHING brown (including my teeth according to the dentist). The only way to get rid of it is to use that super harsh, lime/calcium/rust remover stuff.  It's poison but it works, and nothing else does. I'm not about to use that on my teeth though...they can just stay yellow. 

And let's not mention the carpet.  Keeping the carpet clean is SUPER hard with kids that go in and outside all day.  Yes, they do take their shoes off in the house, but of course that only helps if they actually put shoes ON to go outside.  Walking inside with with the same bare feet you used to walk outside doesn't exactly keep the carpet clean.  And, then there are the food spills and the potty-training toddler.  Nasty carpet cleaner it is. 

Anyone know natural alternative that WORK without lots of WORK on my part?

6. I am a homeschooling idiot because it took me 7 years of homeschooling to finally try Saxon Math and I LOVE it.  It seems to be the perfect Math for us.  So, now I can regret all those years we've struggled through Math U See or Math Mammoth because I was too stupid to try only THE MOST POPULAR HOMESCHOOING MATH PROGRAM ever.  Doh'

7. Ben had a job interview on Wednesday.  He really wants that job, so please pray for him. He was one of 5 candidates they interviewed and they said that they always hire lawyers right out of law school, so that is  a good sign. We'll see what happens.

Have a great weekend and see Jen for more Quick Takes.  

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  1. I will add your husband to my daily novena to St. Joseph!

    And that rainbow is gorgeous!!

  2. Will pray for a job (right now, or else I may forget!)
    Such a beautiful rainbow to close out a celebratory day!
    And I love when you/we find the best "school" fit for kids. yay Math!

  3. I will pray for Ben! The rainbow is awesome, and that's a great pic of you all up top. And, my daughter is almost 2 but still a full-on terror in Mass, so I'm slightly jealous. :)

  4. Praying for your husband!

  5. Praying for your husband.
    Cleaning is where I struggle with most in regards to cleaning solutions. I love a deep cleaned house bleached to the max. I have been slowly transitioning to using more vinegar/ ACV/ baking soda....
    The apartment I am moving into is all carpet... In the bathroom and the kitchen.... I am minorly spazzing out about the dirt, and it's jut me sink can't imagine adding children to the mix!

    I will be on the look out and If I find anything I will let you know!

  6. Praying for Ben!

    There are some things that I've had to give up on, crunchy-wise, too. I don't have any recommendations, but I just wanted to say to do your best and don't stress about the res of it.

  7. Praying for the right job for you all!

    How do you use Saxon? I've found level 5/4 and up a perfect fit for my oldest but find the lower levels too time consuming. Would love to hear your perspective.

  8. Praying for Ben! And beautiful rainbows!!


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