Friday, October 17, 2014

What I'm Googling

What did we do before Google?  What? I ask you, what?  How could we look up helpful household tips and answers to existential problems without Dr. Google?  How did we self-diagnose ourselves with all manners of terrible diseases? Before the Internet people must have been extremely anxiety-free because they couldn't determine for themselves at 2 AM that that some random symptom meant that they had THE MOST- HORRIBLE DISEASE EVER. 

I can't imagine life without my own personal Mr. Know-It-All, so  for today's 7 quick takes, I thought I'd share with you some of my recent Google searches. 

1. My Epson printer is stuck on paper jam.

What I discovered:  You can try to dislodge it and push heavy card stock through it, but ultimately you need a new printer because some sort of sensor is likely broken and that's what you get for buying a cheap printer. 

2. What about when God doesn't provide.

What I Discovered: 1) The issue of unanswered prayers is probably the most common reason why Christians lose their faith. 2). This blog post, which I thought was excellent.   The author is not Catholic, but is a Christian and it is a great read. In fact, with the exception of the sister to cry on, I could have written it myself. 3.) God does always provide, but not always the way we want it. Which is a HARD lesson to learn.

3.  How to get charcoal out of carpet.

What I discovered:  Scrub it out with dish soap and water.  It sorta works. You probably don't want to know why there was charcoal on the carpet, but it has something to do with an exploding one of these. 

4.  Starting a solo law practice right out of law school

What I discovered: That I should punch the next person who suggests this for my husband.  No seriously..there are encouraging articles saying it can be done and articles strongly advising against it. Nonetheless, I don't think it is for us, and I really, really wish people would STOP suggesting it. It's annoying and presumptuous.  Plus, just about every article agrees that you shouldn't try to go solo just because you can't find a job.  You should only do that if that is your dream. 

5. How to unshrink a sweater.

What I learned:  Soak it in hair conditioner and then stretch it out.  It takes A LOT of stretching and strength, but it does work...sort of. A better lesson would be don't shrink your sweaters.  

Bonus helpful tip I discovered: stuff the arms with newspapers or clothes or something to help them stretch more! 

6. My toshiba laptop won't turn on.

What I discovered.  Unplug it, remove the battery, hold the power button down for 30 seconds, and then reinstall the battery and plug it back in.  It works!!

7. How to make homemade vitamin gummies. 

I'm planning to make my own homemade Vitamin C gummis to help us through cold/flu season..using this site.  Vitamin C really is helpful, IF you take large doses of it frequently throughout the day. Getting kids to take large enough doses of it to really make a difference is not so easy. I'm hoping the gummies do the trick. 

As you can tell by this list, I have a lot of technology and household problems.  And fortunately for you, I spared you all my medical freak out google searches in which I convince myself that every backache or headache is really a brain or spinal tumor. Consider yourself spared from that horror.

What kinds of things do you Google?  Please tell me I'm not the only household and technology deficient person who has to look these things up.  Have you ever Googled existential questions? Or career advice?
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  1. This was such a fun idea! I regularly shake my head at some of the stuff I Google... if people from the future got a hold of my search history they'd get a very convoluted story of what life was life back in the good old 21st century :)

  2. Please write a review of the gummy vitamin C after you make it and have your kids test them. :)

  3. Glad you found me via Google. ;)
    Enjoyed your post.

  4. This was a good idea- so fun! I have this strange urge to know all about all the people. Yesterday we read a book about Abe Lincoln and I had to know more, so I googled him. I also love to Google actors on the tv shows I'm watching. I love to find one who has been married for 20 years to the same person. Or find one who has 5 or so kids. ;).

  5. Homemade gummy vitamins--wow! Can't wait to hear how that works out! And how much vit C you give them.

    I google stuff every day--existential and practical. Looking at my search history my last three Google searches were how to store red potatoes, recipe for mint chocolate chip ice cream, and what is wrong with the bishops. :)

  6. Easy Mexican recipe
    Taco seasoning recipe
    Reliquaries for sale

    The first two I found on, my go-to for recipes, because the recipes and comments on the recipes are always good.

    The last, not so successful. We were given first class relics of Sts Dominic and Benedict in a 5/8" circular case and are having trouble finding a reliquary small enough to hold them.

    Totally random? I think not! Papa Murphy's was 4tg on my list. Family size TakeNBake for $19.99? Once a month? Yes, please!

    Happy Sunday!

  7. The last 3 things I googled:

    1. Is it too late to register and vote early in the state of Texas? (yes)
    2. Senior apartments in _______. (for my mother-in-law)
    3. How does American English sound to foreigners? ( I don't EVEN remember what possessed me to google that but it was pretty interesting.)


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