Friday, October 31, 2014

Why I Am Officially the Worst Mom Ever (and prayer requests)

1. It's my least favorite time of year.  Yes....I'm a Halloween Grinch.  I hate the pressure to come up with Halloween costumes.  I hate dressing up in general (even as a kid, I hated it).  And I really hate the barrage of candy....because it's not just on Halloween.  It's all the week leading up to Halloween and all the week after it.  Every adult my kids come in contact with seems to feel the need to hand them several pieces of candy each.  I don't mind junk food in moderation..but really there is nothing moderate about Halloween candy. But, mostly I hate dressing up and trying to come up with costumes.  I don't think it's fun.  I think it's awkward and annoying and I would much rather just wear regular clothes.

Plus, I find it weird when other people dress up.  Heidi has a pediatrician's appointment today and the Doctor was wearing a Dr. Seuss hat and t-shirt and all his staff were wearing blue hair. Personally, I find it really hard to take someone seriously when they are wearing a Dr. Seuss hat or a crazy, blue wig.  As I said..Grinch.

2. I think my hatred for Halloween dress-up stems from a traumatic childhood experience. When I was Kindergarten I dressed up as a devil for Halloween (side note: I can't believe my parents let me dress up as a devil, it seems so out of character for them) and we were having a Halloween parade at school and one of the teachers pretended to be scared of me.  I thought she were really scared, and so I got really scared  (keep in mind I started Kindergarten at age 4, so at this point, I still hadn't even turned 5 yet). Yes, this was the great trauma of my childhood. Clearly, I need therapy now. 

3. Of course there is All Saint's Day..which is a little better, because Saint's costumes are a bit easier to come up with.  But, I still hate dressing up and coming up with costumes.  If you are like me, check out last year's post on easy-peasy, no-cost, no-sew Halloween and All Saint's Day Costumes.

4. I'm officially the worst mom ever because I didn't get any pictures of this year's costumes.  First my camera was out of battery and I'm still the last person on earth not to have a smartphone or phone with a camera.  And, then our costumes were so cheapo and homemade that they didn't stand up to trunk or treating.   And tomorrow we're not dressing up because instead of going to assorted All Saint's Day Festivities, we are going to a chess tournament.  Or if we do make an All Saint's Day party, we will be skating in at the 11th hour, and probably not in costume.

Anyway is what they wore...sans photos:

St. Joan of Arc:  Homemade sword, shield (made out of cardboard and aluminum foil) and breastplate (out of construction paper) over a red, over sized dress.

St. Valentine:  Red Sheet, White Adult t-Shirt and homemade Bishop's hat made out of construction paper and cardboard..

NOTE:  Construction paper is NOT good costume material.  It falls apart and rips way too easily. 

And did you know that St. Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers.  So Elsa wore a bee costume that we had...except it kept falling down on her because we were too stupid to put her arms through the armholes until after we took it off and realized...duh..those are armholes. 


Chose not to dress up because she takes after me in her hatred of dressing up.

Actually John hates it too, but he tolerates it for the candy.   

Halloween is definitely not our thing. Except for this! Heck yeah!

5. As you can tell from the above costume descriptions...a perfectionist I am not, especially when it comes to artsy, craftsy stuff. What's the opposite of a It's Good Enough-ist??  That's me!

6. I thought this article was funny.  When is it okay to turn the heat on in New England? I no longer live in New England, but I still have the tendency to get a fixed date in my head to turn the heat on.   When we lived in RI, my goal was Nov. 1st and not before.  I didn't usually make it...and usually broke down sometime in late Oct.  I'm weak. When we lived in VA, my goal was Nov. 1st as well, and again I broke down a few days early..but not many.   This year we got our heat turned on in early Oct.  We're further North and I'm getting soft.  Plus it's gotten cold earlier.  I absolutely refuse to turn the heat on before October.

7. Ben is still looking for a good lawyer please pray for that.  He's doing some substitute teaching in the meantime, but really need a real job.  And, Heidi (age 12) is having some sort of mysterious back pain, so please pray we can figure that out, cure it, and that it's not something super serious.  We're going for some tests this weekend.  Which is super scary, because believe it or not, I have no experience with "having tests done."  I mean, we've had screening tests or things like x-rays for broken bones from obvious injuries.  But never tests to determine the cause of mysterious symptoms.  So...all together, these two issues are making life sorta stressful right now. 

Hope you are having a great Halloween/All Saint's Day!  I'm linking up with Jen for Quick Takes.

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  1. Praying for your husband and daughter. (And praying for peace for you.) My husband is from New Englad and while we don't have an official date to turn the heat on here he will never wear a long sleeved shirt before November 15th. I always thought it was odd that he had a date for this...I just wear what's comfortable. Perhaps this explains it!


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