Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A hopefully non-typical week in my life...2014 - Monday

I'm linking up with Team Whitaker for A Week in my Life, 2014.  The idea is that each day you somehow document what you did on that day.

Let me start off by saying that I really, really, really, really, really, really hope this week does NOT become a typical week in my life.  Really.

So far, we've already got 3 doctor's appointments and probably an MRI scheduled for this week.  REALLY hoping this is NOT typical. Really.  I miss our old, everyones healthy, avoid-doctors life.  

I've found myself to be a member of the club I most emphatically did NOT want to be in.  The "parent of a child with a mysterious illness club."    The child with the mysterious illness is Heidi (age 12) and her baffling symptoms include things like back pain, leg pain, knee pain, headaches, fatigue.   It is pretty scary not knowing what is wrong and if it's anything treatable.

Not to mention that while Ben is working as a substitute teacher, he really needs a real job.  So, that is just adding to the overall stress. 

Probably not a week I'm going to want to repeat anytime soon.
So Monday.

Started out typical enough..woke up, work out, take shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, do school.

Then we went to our coop where the K-1 class put on a small play.  John had the most extremely minor role in the whole play..but that is okay, because we never imagined he had a future on Broadway anyway.

Moving on..went home after coop, took Heidi to the doctor.  Then took her to the hospital for lab work.  Promised ice cream as needles are scary.  Oh, but forgot that we are trying her on a strict dairy/gluten free diet in hopes of reducing inflammation. 

Oh..I should probably also mention that Elsa just recently gave up diapers..so I was a bit nervous during all this coop, doctor's appointment, hospital labwork running around thing.  But she did great..no accidents...at least not until we got home. 

So, get home at 5:40.  Made dinner.   About to do out to get dairy-free ice cream when I decided instead of try making it at home using frozen banana, coconut milk, vanilla and palm sugar in the food processor.  It made more of a milk shake than ice cream, but was it was still good. 

Elsa took no nap today, so she nursed and fell asleep before 7:00 PM.  Yay....for everyone else. 

Me?  I was going out out anyway.  Monday is my women's group at church. So...go to that...get there late (as usual)...stay too late and get home around 10:30. 

And, that's it.

Lucky you..tomorrow morning you'll get to read all about today.   Maybe I'll even have pictures for that one.     
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  1. I'm sorry to hear that about Heidi- how scary. I hope y'all figure it out soon. And good job to potty trained Elsa- that is awesome and I'm jealous. :). And I have made the banana "ice cream" (using that term very loosely ;)) but with cocoa. It was good, but I just couldn't get over that it looked like chocolate soft serve but tasted like banana. Ha. Haven't tried it again.

  2. Prayers for Heidi that it's all resolved soon!
    Though one person I know who had a mysterious illness (fatigue and aches) eventually learned it was undiagnosed/untreated Lyme disease. She's better now.

  3. Mysterious illnesses really are no fun - been there, done that.


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