Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book Review: A Subtle Grace by Ellen Gable

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Disclaimer: I was contacted by the authoress, Ellen Gable, and provided this book for review.  However all the opinions contained within are my own. 

A Subtle Grace starts out with a riveting birthing scene. I always love a good birthing scene in books and this one does not disappoint. So that right there grabbed my attention and drew me into the story. 

This book tells the story of the O'Donovans, a wealthy Philadelphia family in 1896. While hhistorical novels generally aren't my thing, I really enjoyed this one. 

On the surface, it appears as though this book is Christian romance.  However, it really isn't a romantic book and it deals with a lot of very heavy issues...rape, prostitution, illegitimacy, infant death and tragic childhood accident. While the story lines are riveting at times, it almost feels like too many tragic incidents and heavy issues for just one book. 

Nonetheless, I found this book to be rather engaging and hard to put down.  The characters are charming (if just a little too perfect at times....well except for the wicked one, who is just a bit too wicked) and rather likeable.  I found myself wishing that I could actually meet these people, or at least be more like them.

It was inspiring watching the characters grow and develop and see how they evolved, both spiritually and emotionally throughout the book. 

Plus, the O'Donovan family is really into chess...and we are too around here.  So, that's cool. 

Overall, I highly recommend this book.  Due to some of the adult topics mentioned, I probably wouldn't recommend it for young teens, but it's something that older teens, young adults and even middle-aged moms (like me) could really enjoy.  

The book actually is #2 in a series (here is #1) but I had no problems reading it as a stand-alone book, having never read Book #1. Nonetheless, now I'm jonesing to read Book #1 as I really enjoyed this one.   

You should read it, I think you'll enjoy it too!
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  1. Always looking for a new book! Thank you!

  2. I love historical fiction - I may have to check these out. :) Thanks!

  3. Ahhh! We can be book review twinsies. I read it on vacation and my review is going up on Wednesday. :)


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