Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day in the Life- Tuesday

I'm linking up (most) every day this week with Kathryn for a week in my life. 

Let's see.  Heidi was rather sick today..she seems to have come down with a major cold thing.  Sore throat, fever, fatigue...lots of lying around. She spent most of the day on the couch....although she still managed to do some school in the morning. On top of her other back/leg/headache issues, it wasn't a very good day.

Doctor's Appointment #2 of the week was for John. He had his 6-year check-up (at closer to age 7).  So, he's healthy EXCEPT he showed some hearing loss in his right ear.  Which is perplexing because he has never suffered from ear infections.  So...guess he has to go to the audiologist.   

I want my healthy family back!!

Other highlights of Tuesday:

-I discovered that our insurance DOES cover chiropractic care and that it is self-referral so I made an appointment for Heidi for Wednesday. I'm not sure how I feel about chiropractors.  I've visited one before, but I wouldn't say that it really helped. Still, it's worth a try.  

-Elsa wore panties all day and only 1 accident!

-Elsa took a long nap.

-Despite the doctor's appointment, both Greta and John finished all their school.

- Greta and John went to the local Tuesday night chess tournaments that Ben runs and Greta won all 3 games.  John won one, drew one and then lost to Greta.  

-I made "healthy cookies" and John suggested that he would like "junky cookies" better.  

-I ran to Kroger to pick up soup for Heidi and found all natural, gluten-free/dairy free vegetable soups on major sale.  So, I bought 10 of them.  Normally, I make soup, but I didn't have any chicken we'll have to rectify that soon.

Especially since "Your soup is better, Mom" (direct quote).  Always good when MY soup is better than the processed stuff (although this stuff is pretty non-processed as far as processed food goes). Nothing bad in it.

Wow, this post is sorta boring.  I need to take more pictures.  Maybe tomorrow (today). I don't have a smartphone so pictures are kinda a pain for me. 

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  1. The cookie bit made me giggle. Prayers for health for your family!!

  2. I almost fantasize about running out of chicken broth. Almost. Ever since we joined a poultry CSA we've been swimming in the stuff. But I keep making it because I can't bear to throw out the carcass. And we have our beef share and beef bones for beef stock coming this week! My husband is not a soup person at all but I hope the cold weather will help with that. Advent mini-penance?

    Prayers for everyone's return to health!

  3. Ha. I love your husband's cookie comment!

  4. "Junky cookies"...yes, those are the best kind. ;)

    I do miss Kroger from living in VA. One of my favorite grocery stores. The manager's specials are the best!

  5. I presume you know this, but there are different types of chiropractors -those who'll work on just moving your bones, and those who work on muscles too. The latter make more sense to me, because they help you work to keep your muscles keeping your bones in place.

    Heidi's symptoms sound like mine. I drink powdered magnesium supplement and take lots of calcium + magnesium to help keep from getting tension headaches and muscle cramps in my legs. They help tremendously.

    I also saw a naturopath recently because I was drinking over 100oz of water a day and still feeling dehydrated and gross (currently breastfeeding), and she told me I neede more electrolytes instead of just water, so I drink 2 Emergen•C's each day and need much less water to feel great and gave more energy. The naturopath said coconut water or sea salt would do the trick too, but Emergen•C is easy for us, and my husband drinks it too, so I've gone with it and feel much better than I had been.

    I hope Heidi feels better soon, and that she's not suffering from a chronic illness. We'll pray for her. TB


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