Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day in the Life Wednesday - In Which I Return to My Alternative Health Lifestyle

Today was a better day than Tuesday. The kids have started attending a coop of sorts at a friend's house.  Although for me, it's not a coop..I'm not teaching so I just drop my kids off. 

Three hours of sorta free time.  Golden!

Heidi didn't feel well enough to go, so she stayed home, but I took Greta and John over. Got there only 15 minutes late and I managed to even fit a short workout in before we left (which is why we were 15 minutes late).

Then I went to my parents house with Elsa where I did some work on the CFP Holy Angels Gift shop..adding used books to the website.  They pay me so well that I made a whopping $12 for 1.5 hours work (sarcasm intended).

Then back to pick up Greta and John and home again.  Where, Heidi was feeling much better...more energy, no fever...she still had a sore throat, but she was definitely much better.

Still spent the day shoving all my herbal remedies and vitamins down her throat.  She loves that (more sarcasm).  There may have been a few bribes involved...yes even at age 12. 

Throw a chicken in the oven for roast chicken for dinner.  So, now we will have chicken broth to make soup.

Then did a bit a school this afternoon and off to doctor appointment #3 this week..this time taking Heidi to the chiropractor.  This was her first visit.  He definitely did something to her...not sure if it helped, but I think it did. 

Back home for dinner...then took Greta and John to choir practice at church where they are practicing for the Christmas play.  Got to chat with a mom friend so that's always fun!

Then back home where Greta shows me an itchy rash she developed on her arms/legs. Ugh...more medical problems.  Determined that it is probably an allergic reaction to the Sulpha drug she is taking for an infected toe.

Call doctor.  He tells me to give her Benadryl and see if the rash gets better, goes away or gets worse.

Now, I have a dilemma because we don't have Benadryl.  Do I go out and buy it or ignore the doctor's advice.  I know, I should always have Benadryl on hand.  Except that in 12 years of parenting I have never ONCE given my kids Benadryl and I used to keep medicine like that on hand until one day I went through our medicine cabinet and purged a bunch of bottles of unopened, long, long, longer expired children's medicines and just never replaced them.  And I'm loathe to buy a bottle of medicine which likely just languish in my medicine cabinet before expiring and being purged into the trash.  

Greta said the itching stopped so I decided to forgo the medicine.  And the antibiotic.  

I'm going back to my natural health, essential oil, alternative medicine loving ways. 

Instead I give her Allibiotic, soak her toe and pour Melaleuca oil on it.  

Elsa nursed to sleep in about 10 minutes (yes, I still nurse my 2-year old to sleep). I'm sure she'll outgrow it soon. Very, very sure.

Ben asks me to watch an Alfred Hitchcock remake with him, but I start to fall asleep in the first 5 minutes. to bed I go, where instead of sleeping I write this blog post.  Movies put me to sleep..blogging does not.   

And that was Wednesday.
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  1. So busy. I hope that everyone gets healthy and stays that way.

  2. Oh, man. Do I understand about unused meds! So so frustrating. I hope everyone is on the mend soon!

    I love co-op too, even though ours is bit a drop off. It's rejuvenating. :)


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