Friday, November 14, 2014

Non-Typical Day in the Life - Thursday With Pictures

Thursday - another completely non-typical day.

For one thing, it snowed (a little). In November. Before Thanksgiving.  I can't really remember it ever snowing before Thanksgiving.

Of course, my crazy kids like to run around outside barefoot in the snow.  Being barefoot in the snow is like a thing for them. Like some people want to climb Mt. Everest or run a kids want to walk around outside barefoot in the snow (without a coat).

So they do.  Briefly..before getting too cold and going in. 

But. I'm getting ahead of myself. The morning began with the discovery that Greta's arm/leg rash that I was pretty sure was an allergic reaction to Sulfa antibiotics spread over her whole body..even her face.  So, I broke down, went to the store, got Benadryl and gave it to her. No doubt that bottle of Benadryl will languish in the medicine cabinet until it expires.
Just one dose and just to see if it would actually clear up the rash.  Which it didn' I called the doctor and we got an appointment for that afternoon. 

Then I worked out, we did school and I took Heidi to her first doctor appointment of the day....the eye doctor.  Where we discovered that she needs glasses, her left eye is considerably worse than her right eye. Which is actually good...because the huge discrepancy between the two eyes could account for the frequent headaches she has been getting, so we're really, really, really, really hoping that getting glasses will lesson those headaches. 

Then home for lunch, quick nap for Elsa and then take Greta to the doctor for her rash...where we discovered that it was in fact an allergic reaction to Sulfa antibiotic and not Measles or Ebola or some other terrible disease. 

The home again..throw soup in the crockpot (with homemade broth) for dinner and go to the THIRD doctor appointment of the day..this time for Heidi to the chiropractor. We'll see if it helps, although her pain was slightly less today so I think it may be helping at least some.  

The home for dinner.  Look, I took a picture.  Doesn't it look HEALTHY (and good!)

Yep...chicken noodle soup and raw spinach for dinner. Actually, raw plain spinach is pretty good.  We just sorta munch on rabbits.  It's really not too bad and the kids sorta like it. 

Then Heidi and Greta had the dress rehearsal for the play they are in through our coop. The play is called Sunday School Musical. Cute huh?  I guess that is a play off of High School Musical (which I never saw). 

Today's funny story...I've been noticing the last few days that our house has been really warm...even though it's been really cold outside.  Like, I've had to take off my sweater warm. I thought I was having hot flashes or something.  Then I looked at the thermostat and noticed it was set at 72 instead of 64.  Duh.  The culprit is probably the short one in the picture below. 

 Now, we're freezing again. 
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  1. How funny that they want to be barefoot in the snow! Kids are crazy. And, the last picture of your two girls is precious :)

  2. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and I am pretty sure my 2 year old would go outside naked if we let her!

  3. Eek. Looking at your daughter barefoot in the snow is making me cold! Ha!


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